1K A Day Fast Track

1K A Day Fast Track is to simply put, a 6-weeks affiliate marketing training course. You’re not learning an all-round, general how-to’s, but you’re learning how to use a 2-page website with a poll (yes/no question) to sell specific ClickBank products while building a list of email subscribers at the same time.

The method is not particularly new, in fact very popular and has been proven to work by many affiliate marketers (myself included!) BUT, what makes this particular course different is;

In fact, Merlin asks you to follow his exact steps and not to customize to do your own thing, otherwise he can’t take responsibility in case it doesn’t work on you. But he’s totally open to your questions. So with this course, you won’t have to have your own guesswork, time to try and test yourself because the exact templates are provided to you.

How Does ​”1K A Day Fast Track” Work?

1K A Day Fast Track is about:

  • Using a simple 2-page website (sales funnel) that works.
  • Advertising that website via 2nd-tier ad networks, a lot cheaper compared to Facebook/Google ads.
  • Generating leads while the website promotes affiliate products at the same time.

It may sound a little too ordinary, but what’s unique about this methodis:

  • The “2-page website / funnel” is not just a set of a squeeze page and thank-you page, but it has a yes/no poll question, which most of the viewers click.
  • When a viewer’s clicked, the poll result will be sent to their email address. So they’ll have no option but to opt-in with you if they want to know the result.
  • The next second, the viewer will be directed to your affiliate page.
  • Advertising on Facebook, Google or Yahoo is way too costly (as much as $1.86 per click). By using an ad network such as RevContent ($0.28 per click), you’ll still get the same positive results, i.e. people will make a purchase and you’ll get your commission without investing a lot of money.

Proof download

Name of Course: ​1K A Day Fast Track – Merlin | Release Date: 2020

Sale Page: https://learn.thefasttracks.com/webinar-reg-v2?hop=safelogin7

Author’s Price: $​997 | Our Price: $21.95

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