Affiliate Buying Guide Templates

Affiliate Buying Guide Templates – The Best Affiliate Buying Guide Templates for Rankings & Earnings!

If you want to take ALL of the guesswork out of how to structure and optimize an affiliate buying guide to help it rank higher in Google and make more money online, then this template pack is for you.

Inside Affiliate Buying Guide Templates, you’ll find my PROVEN OUTLINES for how to set up a top 10 style affiliate product review page that can get you more targeted keyword traffic and higher conversions with less work!

I also give you my CUSTOM CSS and HTML CODE for creating awesome comparison tables with the most POPULAR & FREE WordPress plugin available so you don’t have a hire a developer to do this coding work for you or get stuck paying for yearly plugin fees.

Each Template Can Earn You $100s to $1,000s of Dollars AND Give You More of Your Precious Time Back…

Which is exactly what I want for you.

If you build a quality website with authentic reviews, pick profitable keywords to target, and become a trusted authority in your niche by doubling down on the affiliate content Google likes to rank your website for in the top 10 positions, then you can easily make $100s to $1,000s of dollars from your small one-time investment in this template pack.

Think about it…

If a single page of yours earned a measly $9 per month in affiliate commissions, that’s all it would take to recoup every penny you invested in this template pack PLUS PROFIT in just one year.

That doesn’t even include the thousands of hours you’ll save by speeding up the entire writing and optimizing process for your affiliate buying guides.

And if you outsource your content, you’ll have proven SOPs—you didn’t even have to create—to give to your writers so the content comes back in the right format you need to publish on your website.

These templates are the ONLY CONTENT OUTLINES YOU’LL FIND that show you:

  • WHAT SECTIONS to include on the page.
  • WHERE to put your KEYWORDS in the content for good on-page SEO.
  • AND how to STRUCTURE the content for higher conversion rates.

These template outlines can also work for almost ANY WEBSITE, in ANY NICHE, and practically ANY “BEST X FOR Y” KEYWORD PHRASE (i.e. top 10 style affiliate buying guides), within reason of course.

These template outlines are good for both beginners and advanced marketers. They’ll show you how to properly structure a top 10 style affiliate buying guide and where to put your keywords for good on-page SEO.

Affiliate Buying Guide Templates – Stephen Hockman

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