The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal – Everything you need to craft winning proposals: backed by decades of experience and millions of dollars in closed business.

Ben Burns – The Perfect Proposal Overview

Burns’ approach to proposal writing is based on the idea that a proposal is not just a document, but a strategic tool for winning new business.

Burns emphasizes the importance of understanding the client’s needs and goals, as well as the competitive landscape, before crafting a proposal that addresses those needs and sets the client apart from the competition.

Burns’ strategies include creating a clear and concise executive summary that highlights the key points of the proposal, using visuals and storytelling techniques to engage the client, and including a well-thought-out pricing strategy that is tailored to the client’s budget and goals.

Burns also emphasizes the importance of following up with the client after the proposal is submitted to maintain engagement and build a strong relationship.

Overall, Ben Burns’ approach to crafting the perfect proposal is a smart and strategic way for businesses to win new business and stand out from the competition.

By understanding the client’s needs and goals and using storytelling and visual techniques to engage them, businesses can create proposals that are compelling, effective, and ultimately lead to new business opportunities.

Course Overview

Name of Course:   Ben Burns – The Perfect Proposal
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Release Date:  2018
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