Infotainment Jackpot

Infotainment Jackpot – Behold the secret marketing methodology Ben taught to $400+ million agora financial that can help even brand spanking newbie copywriters & marketer as much as tripple sales overnight, and hit the proverbial business.

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how even raw, “fresh off the turnip truck” business, marketing, and copywriting newbies can outsell practically anyone they compete against, with your customers and clients potentially even looking forward to you selling to them… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

A few years ago, the prestigious Agora Financial flew me in to their Baltimore offices to teach some of my sneaky ways to outsell my competition online. Agora does nearly half a billion in sales each year. They also hire the absolute best copywriters in the world, pay for millions of dollars in market testing & analysis each year, and are in one of the world’s single most competitive and “cut throat” industries.

Anyway, one of the things I taught their copywriters and editors was: Infotainment Jackpot

What You Learn In Infotainment Jackpot:

  • The spooky persuasion technique used by Old Testament prophets to sell even their worst enemies on changing their religions.
  • The court jester’s guide to getting away with being obnoxiously politically incorrect in your marketing.
  • How the late marketing genius Gary Halbert kept peoples’ eyes glued to his ads — even when there was zero content, value, or anything but a blatant sales pitch.
  • The “wet dream” secret of creating emails, ads, podcasts, articles, and other marketing documents people almost can’t forget… and that they may sometimes even love buying from
  • A little-talked about way to use hardcore rage and anger to get your list to quickly trust you and feel safe buying from you.
  • How to make even blatant sales pitches fascinating for people to read.
  • A secret way of using typos to get even “fire breathing” grammar nazis eagerly buying from you!
  • How to “flip” haters into raving fans and buyers.
  • When you can “get away” with using profanity in your ads, emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, and any other marketing channel you use in your business — and exactly how often you should do it for maximum impact.
  • A totally unorthodox way to increase your sales by giving away less value.
  • How to use infotainment to transform dull and boring content into riveting “must have” products people almost can’t buy fast enough.
  • A secret used by Facebook that can get even people with fruit fly-level attention spans almost hopelessly engaged with your content.
  • How to give your product nearly “skeptic proof” credibility even if you’re brand spanking new to business now, and nobody knows who you are.
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to make more sales in your business by telling people NOT to buy from you
  • And the list goes on…

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