​BOSSGRAM Academy is what you need if you want to fast-track your growth and success as a professional coach or consultant.


now, tell me, are you a content creator who is…

  • New to the game but looking for a way to quickly monetize your content, even with a small following, no experience, and little social proof.
  • Tired of running yourself ragged on the content-creation hamster wheel trying to master the many moods of the Instagram algorithm.
  • Ready to sign on your first paid client in 90 days or less so you can have a real money-making business instead of an expensive (and time-consuming!) hobby.
  • Excited about knowing exactly who to serve and what to offer so your ideal clients can’t help but want to work with you, over and over again.
  • Willing to show up and do the work that actually moves the needle instead of burying yourself in busywork that doesn’t bring in the big bucks.

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Name of Course: ​BOSSGRAM Academy – Vanessa Lau | Release Date: 2020

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Author’s Price: $997 | Our Price: ​$31.95

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