Campaign Conqueror

Campaign Conqueror is NOT just a blueprint for winning affiliate promotions against world-famous copywriters.

Campaign Conqueror shows you how to write ALL KINDS of email campaigns!

From new-product launches that rake in cash off tiny email lists…

To limited-time sales that blow the doors off…

To promotional campaigns that conjure up torrents of traffic, votes or registrations ‘on demand’ to boost posts or win contests…

Or even to launch the bestselling Australian book of ALL TIME (yes, writing the launch emails for this was the first job I got hired for at the Barefoot Investor)…

In Campaign Conqueror, I am GIVING YOU literally every secret I have learned from every single campaign I’ve ever written.

My approach is about getting people to read and buy from emails.

If you sell to people who have an inbox and read emails, my approach is probably going to be superior to any other.

The real measure of how successful it will be is not whether you are in SaaS/ecom/info-marketing/left-handed dog surgery services … but whether you follow my general approach as laid out in the Email Copywriting Compendium, where you build a relationship with your list with personality and stories rather than spamming the crap out of it and getting horrendous churn rates.

Also, as mentioned, Campaign Conqueror is about writing campaigns that have a deadline. So if you have NOTHING involving a deadline in your business, it might not be very useful for you.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the 150-minute runtime of Campaign Conqueror…

  • Part I: My ‘Conquering Campaign’ Blueprint

In this section — which you can get through in a little over an hour — I give you my ENTIRE end-to-end blueprint for writing email campaigns for myself OR any client.

  • Part II: Advanced Email Warfare Strategies

In Part II, I get more advanced, and assume you have total control not just over the copy … but also over the offer, and how you package, frame & present it.

I also give you some more controversial (but DEVASTATINGLY effective) techniques for massively jacking up your response & sales. You do not HAVE to use these (and if you’re squeamish about a little online hate, I recommend you don’t) … but BOY are they effective.

  • Part III: Head-To-Head Battle Tactics

In Part III I reveal my strategies that are specifically adapted to going head-to-head with other affiliates in affiliate sales contests … and outselling them.

Admittedly, you may never participate in an affiliate contest like this.

But some of these techniques are so powerful (like my “offer framing” secret), I can almost guarantee you’ll use them elsewhere.

  • Part IV: The “Annals of Email Conquest”

I’ve saved the best for last…

Because included in Campaign Conqueror is a FULL library of ALL the successful email campaigns I’ve written for my own business.

But you don’t just get a “swipe file”…

Every single campaign comes with a full “Campaign Report” where I give you my commentary … subscriber data … full open & click rates for every email … sales chart … a breakdown of the campaign structure … send times & dates … and MORE!

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