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Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Spellbound-Storytelling For Action is the ONLY storytelling course designed to craft stories that do one thing: Tap into the limbic brain to inspire people to take action…

Inside, you’ll learn our entire “EPIC Framework”…Emotion… Problem… Inception… and Close.

Where Chris explains step-by-step how to construct stories that grab your prospect by the hand…

Imbed an idea deep in the limbic brain…

And drive them to the action you want them to take.

There’s literally no stone left unturned.

While some concepts are highly advanced…

Everything is simple to understand and learn…

In fact, you’ll have 6 over-the-shoulder videos to go through…

Where you can watch me at each stage of the storytelling process…

You’ll also get all the templates… swipes… and resources you need to start writing action-inspiring stories right out of the gate.

All in all, there’s 10 breakthrough modules for you to go through in Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Which ​you will get inside ​Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Module 1: Story-ception 101

This is the HEART of spellbound.

In this module, I’ll walk you through what a story is, and how YOU can harness them to DOUBLE and triple your conversions and squeeze out every penny from your offers, ads, and emails

Module 2: The E.P.I.C Storytelling Framework

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Inside this module, I’ll show you the 4-step EPIC framework for writing hard-hitting, emotionally-driven stories that tap into the limbic brain and persuade your readers and move them to action in Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Rigorously tested with over 8-figures in revenue, this foolproof framework will turn you into a masterful storyteller without fail.

In fact, just one story using this formula can add millions of dollars to your (or your clients) bottom line.

Module 3: The Conversion-Boosting-Triggers™ of the Limbic Brain

Never again worry that your story is falling flat.

Because in this module, you’ll discover ways to not only dramatically increase the power of the stories you tell by harnessing the psychology of humans.

You’ll also learn how to instantly bring to life a “dead story” that pulls prospects in their droves in Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Module 4: The 7 Deadly SINS of storytelling

Sometimes the best way to win is not to do things right, but to avoid doing the WRONG things…

Which is why in this module we’ll cover the 7 deadly sins of storytelling you must avoid so that you can shortcut your way to writing killer stories that move people to take action.

Module 5: Storytelling WITHOUT words

One of the most overlooked aspects of storytelling, especially for copywriters and marketers, is the production value…

Music, jump cuts, countdown timers, b-roll…

All of it, incorporated strategically, can give you (or your client) MASSIVE boosts in ROAS, AOV, Epost-production.

This is the secret sauce that some of the biggest DR companies use to separate themselves from the pack and scale offers to 1000s of buyers a day…


Proof Download

Name of Course: ​Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis – Spellbound-Storytelling For Action

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://77laws.com/spellbound-storytelling50440231

Author Price: $997 | Our Price: $35

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] to pay with PayPal/Credit/Debit Card

Or pay with Crypto here

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