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​Cold Email Masterclass is a step-by-step guide to email outreach success. You’ll learn how you can use cold emails, also called “emails on demand,” to promote your business by reaching out to influencers in order to get more sales and customers.

Cold emailing is one of the best ways to connect with influencers, and it’s a skill you’ll need when trying to promote your content online.

With The Vault, you’ll get access to over 100 cold email templates that are proven to work.

You’ll also learn the best ways for constructing emails using specific strategies and techniques you can apply yourself, so be sure to check this Masterclass out!

Cold Email Masterclass

3 years ago I began a marketing agency.

​I had zero clients or money.

For the first 7 months I spammed mass cold emails.

Yeah, I got responses:


“You’re annoying”

“If you ever email me again I’m reporting you to the FTC”

Those days are long gone.

Now I know I can email any business owner, in any niche, and sell nearly any B2B product that delivers good results.

There are no “email blasts.”

There are no black hat methods into fooling people.

There is no magic $1,000 software.

It’s a single fundamental I insert into every email.

And I don’t even think of sending without it.

I send less than 100 emails per week.

Sending any more would be too much.

Give me a cold email campaign with 200 recipients.

If you got 1 call, I’ll get 10.

If you got 2 calls, I’ll get 20.

By doing one thing.

Free Bonus #1: Learn how to sell cold email as a service.

This added section to the ebook will teach you how you can get paid to make cold email campaigns for other people.

Free Bonus #2: Learn pricing strategy and sales tactics to sign more of your leads.

This section was added after seeing a lot of people get leads but have trouble on sales calls.

While you might sometimes be able to sign clients without calls – all large deals will eventually require phone calls.

Free Bonus #3: CSV file of 1,092,671 Shopify stores categorized by monthly technology spend and vertical.

Using the tools shown in this eBook, you’ll learn how to find the owners’ & founders’ direct email addresses for all of these stores.

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