Conversion Workshop

Conversion Workshop – The Latest Proven Strategies to Increase Campaign Conversions up to 161%

Grab our Blueprint for Creating High Converting Ad Campaigns, despite the 2021 ‘Ad Apocalypse’.

Here’s what you’ll receive: Instant access to brand new strategies revealed at the ‘Conversion Workshop’, held on 22 April 2021.

This unique Workshop brought together 6 world authorities in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). They reveal the latest results from running thousands of A/B tests and spending millions of dollars on ad testing.

Snag these game-changing techniques to transform the profits of your business and be seen as a true marketing expert by your clients.

Conversion Workshop – Master These 6 Critical Skills Converting Clicks Into Leads

Session #1 – Build a Winning Ecommerce Offer Page! What I learned from $115M in sales from ONE brand and how you can copy it!

Presented by: Ezra Firestone- CEO/ Founder, Smart Marketer & Zipify Apps

  • The secrets to structuring a high performing ecommerce product page…learned through spending $35M on ads in the last 5 years & split testing the heck out of every page element.
  • “Conversion Asset Concert Theory”. What it is and why it’s critical if you want to help customers make a buying decision (Hint: it will maximize sales through your store).
  • How to build a product page from scratch – Step-by-step guide on what elements to include in each section of the page – and what to leave out.
  • How most ecommerce stores are wrecking their headers…and it’s costing them sales.
  • And much more

Session #2 – The Death of Pixels

Presented by: John Belcher- Vice President of Marketing, LadyBoss

  • The single important skill you need to run successful campaigns after the iOS14 update.
  • Facebook retargeting campaigns are beginning to get hit by the privacy updates. Here’s how to set up your campaigns before they start hemorrhaging cash.
  • Understanding ‘Combined data’ and why this concept is crucial to successful advertising in the future.
  • And much more

Session #3 – Optimizing for 2021 and Beyond: Why your conversion rate is the last metric to focus on and what to do instead

Presented by: Justin Christianson – Co-founder and President, Conversion Fanatics

  • Total Experience Optimization’. What it is and why it trumps simple A/B testing.
  • When can a DROP in conversion rate actually be good news for your business.
  • A breakdown of how Justin’s team achieved a 161% increase in conversion rate for an ecommerce client by simplifying their whole customer experience.
  • What you need to be focusing on to drive long-term improvements in conversions, sales and profits (hint: it’s not conversion rate or typical KPI’s).
  • And more

Session #4 – The Secrets to Getting 100 Million Video Views

Presented by: Matt Johnston – Founder, Guide Social

  • How to use the “H.E.R.O.” system to create engaging videos which get shared on Facebook.
  • See how a handmade video shot in a TOILET is gaining massive traction – Proof you don’t need fancy equipment or technical know-how.
  • 9 examples of simple videos which are making millions for their owners – swipe these ideas for your own products.
  • And more

Session #5 – How to convert more customers with better research and data

Presented by: Peep Laja – Founder, CXL, Speero, Wynter

  • The TWO linchpins of a conversion optimization plan that you must have to move the needle.
  • The main problems faced by today’s conversion optimizers, and how you can easily sidestep these pitfalls
  • Why you should NEVER start with testing if you seriously need to increase conversions.
  • And more

Session #6 – Guardians Roundtable with Ed Dale & The AdSkills Coaching Team

Presented by Ed Dale,

  • The one short sentence that most marketers don’t write on their thank you pages…and it’s killing their conversions.
  • How to bullet-proof your business and start building your own ‘first-party data’ warehouse.
  • Story based copywriting is all the rage BUT it can also butcher your conversion numbers. Understand when to use short form copy for better results.
  • How offline data can give your website the edge, as learned through an ecommerce client selling $400 sweaters.
  • And more

Conversion Workshop – Adskills

Name of Course: Conversion Workshop – Adskills | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $497 | Our Price: $60

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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