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Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind

Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind is for rockstar business owners looking to have their next offer scale on COLD Traffic and for kickass freelance copywriters looking to work with top tier clients PLUS serious royalties for winning copy. The goal is to provide a minimum of a million dollars worth of value in just 3 days.

Over 3 action packed days…

The biggest juggernauts in Direct Response are going to be sharing the secrets they’re using right now to jack up their AOVs, bring in THOUSANDS of new customers a day, and generate over a BILLION dollars in annual revenue EACH year.

Justin Goff will be giving a masterclass on the 8 biggest mistakes that prevent even the most veteran marketers from fully scaling their offers on cold traffic. PLUS, he’ll share how you can rapidly fix these mistakes in under a week, adding at least one more zero to your bottom line as a result.

Stefan Georgi will be handing over the follow-along blueprint behind 9 of his HUGEST split-test wins of the last four months. This is hot-off-the-press stuff that’s working RIGHT NOW… just “steal these,” put them into your own funnel, and watch as conversions and profitability SKYROCKET.

Marketing geniuses like Chris Haddad, Jay Deiboldt, Tyler Bramlett, Marc Stockman, Jeff Raddich, Jason Kutasi, and Matt Harmon will be taking the stage to share everything they know about crafting emotionally gripping copy, scaling past $20MM, profitably buying media at scale, creating multi-million-dollar upsell flows, increasing LTV through better email marketing, and more.

Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind



Stefan Georgi has a reputation as one of the world’s best direct response copywriters. His sales letters propelled a small Romanian Publishing company from $0 to over $100MM in a single year (2014). He pioneered the “Christian Supplement” space with his company HLH, scaling it to over $23MM in annual revenue (2016). In early 2017, he launched seven additional 8 figure health offers in the course of six-months. Since starting his copywriting journey in 2011, his words have grossed over $500,000,000.

Justin Goff’s track-record is equally legendary. He’d been the copywriting genius behind the Patriot Health Alliance offers, helping them to scale to $23 million in just over two years. He works with clients to make seemingly small tweaks to their checkout pages, their upsell flows, and their overall funnels…yet the ROI his clients see is astounding. His last $25,000 event was the hottest ticket in the online marketing world in 2018, and was attended by Agora Financial, Natural Health Sherpa, 4Patriots, Healthy Back Institute, Primal Health, Six Pack Shortcuts and other top marketers.

Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind

You’re likely to hear how Copy Accelerator members are using Justin and Stefan’s advice to…

Launch creatives that cut through the noise in the most-crowded markets… and generate attention, leads, and BUYERS at a fraction of their usual cost…

Skyrocket their upsell take rates… adding large chunks to their AOV… and completely changing the economics of their offer (which allows them to SCALE fast)

Crush their best-performing emails by up to 400%… opening the doors to endless amounts of solo drop traffic with immediate ROI (It’s as simple as applying our PROVEN angles)

Breathe NEW LIFE into dead or underperforming funnels… and roll them out for 6 or 7-figures of added revenue (These are some of the quickest wins you’ll EVER find, because it’s leveraging assets you ALREADY have)

Hit the bullseye with their front-end offers… allowing them to supercharge their customer acquisition… and add 300, 500, even 1000+ NEW names to their buyer’s list… on a daily basis!

Land NEW, high-paying copy clients… and actually have the confidence in KNOWING they can deliver for those clients… because they have Justin and Stefan in their corner.

This could be your tribe if you:

  • you are a rockstar business owner
  • you are a kick ass copywriter
  • you are an “‘A” player

Proof download

Name of Course: Copy Accelerator Virtual Mastermind – Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://www.copyacceleratormastermind.com/vegas349431751612996268769

Author’s Price: $​1450 | Our Price: $40

Contact us via email [email protected] to pay with PayPal/Credit/Debit Card

Or pay with Crypto here

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