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Asymmetrical Iron Condor is a powerful market neutral options trading technique.

Amy’s program will teach you how to become a trader that can reliably make management decisions that adapt to changing markets and maximize the opportunities available each month.

This is Amy’s powerful innovation on the original AIC trade which allows you to start the trade closer to expiration for more rapid Theta decay.

In this training, Amy goes methodically through many types of market conditions to help you prepare for any type of market condition in the future.

The 14 Day Asymmetrical Iron Condor is a market neutral options trading technique that introduces time frame diversification and increased performance.

This strategy also offers you freedom from the screen and is ideal for traders who have a separate career or need to focus on other trading strategies during the day.

As an AIC Trader, You Will:

  • Generate consistent returns, even during market sell-offs and crashes. Be free of worrying about bear markets or the next financial crisis. Use the AIC course to give you a road map to navigate anything that happens in the market.
  • Preserve capital while you grow your account. For many traders, the ability to avoid just one bad day in the wrong trade is worth the price of the course.
  • Have a complete market neutral trading plan you can use as a standalone trade or to diversify your other options trades
  • Have less risk if the VIX spikes compared to other options spreads
  • Understand how to make management decisions by implementing Amy’s easy and uncomplicated trading style
  • Trade with virtually zero risk when the market rallies to the upside
  • Trade on your own schedule, even if you have a full-time career or live outside of the US.
  • Understand the framework of the trade structure so you can make management decisions with confidence.
  • Be confident that you are ready to trade through the next market crash… and learn how some of your biggest winning trades can even happen during a market crash
  • Module 1 - Introduction and Guidelines
  • Module 2 - Trading the AIC in Up Markets and Market Rallies
  • Module 3 - Trading the AIC in Choppy Markets
  • Module 4 - Trading the AIC in Down Markets and Market Crashes
  • Module 5 - Trading the AIC in the SPX
  • Bonus


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