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Freak Forex Fundamentals – Come and Learn forex fundamentals the freak way

Fundamental analysis is the digesting economic data to essentially determine whether a currency is undervalued or overvalued.

Once a view has been formed based on the fundamentals of a respective currency, this can then be compared across the currency market.

Conducting forex fundamental analysis is not as difficult and as boring as you may think. We have made this all very much fun and informative, set to largely contribute towards your development.

Over the years of testing many strategies to see what works most effectively with trading fundamentals, Supply and Demand has proven its efficiency.

It is not to say this will be the holy grail when trading fundamentals, however if properly executed with a solid risk management plan, success can be found.

What You’ll Learn Inside Freak Forex Fundamentals

  • Learn how to trade forex fundamentals and technical, the freak way
  • Ken will teach you what fundamentals are from start to finish
  • For all levels of experience, it is broken down by Ken in a way that you do not need any sort of background or starting knowledge
  • Covering all the key data points and how they all link together, impacting the respective relating currencies
  • Understanding how to build a picture and then form a fundamental bias
  • In-depth videos which are made with much energy and very fun follow
  • Ken FX Freak supply and demand strategy included
  • Three months access included to Freak Network Membership
  • Module 1: What is Forex
  • Module 2: Introduction Into Forex Trading
  • Module 3: What are Support - Resistance
  • Module 4: Supply - Demand
  • Module 5 - Trendlines
  • Module 6 - Chart Patterns
  • Module 7 - Market Structure
  • Module 8 - Market Gaps
  • Module 9 - Risk Management
  • Module 10 - Trading Plan
  • Module 11 - Advanced Technical Course
  • Module 12 - Start Trading with Our Trusted Broker


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