Rick Hanson – Positive Neuroplasticity Training

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Positive Neuroplasticity Training

The Positive Neuroplasticity Training – The Science of Changing Your Brain for the Better
Beat the Brain’s Negativity Bias and Fill Yourself with Calm Strength, Confidence, and Joy

You Will Learn How To:

  • Meet your needs to feel safer, more satisfied, and more connected – and less stressed, hurt, and resentful
  • Hardwire peace of mind, contentment, and self-compassion into your brain
  • Identify your own challenges and pain points and grow specific inner strengths to overcome and heal them

What’s Included:

  • 13+ Hours of Video Teachings
    Presentations organized into short pieces for maximum learning
  • 6 Live Q&A Sessions
    Meet with Rick, live, during 6 hour-long Q&A sessions (recordings available if you can’t join live)
  • Experiential Activities
    Deep, guided practices you can do on your own or with a partner, to grow the strengths you need most
  • Handbook and Slides
    The Positive Neuroplasticity Handbook (PDF), and downloadable slides to follow along and take notes
  • Certificate of Participation
    A downloadable PDF certificate with your name
  • An Engaged Community
    Access to a private Facebook group, and built-in discussion forums

Course Outline

Class 1

  • Use your mind to change your brain
  • Use mindfulness to let be, let go, and let in
  • Overcome the brain’s negativity bias
  • Use HEAL to turn experiences into inner resources

Class 2

  • Create beneficial, useful experiences
  • Intensify positive thoughts and feelings
  • Have a strong sense of being on your own side
  • See and believe in the good inside you

Class 3

  • Recognize and honor your deep needs
  • Grow the inner resources you need most
  • Stay in the “Green Zone”
  • Use positive experiences to heal wounds and empty places inside

Class 4

  • Get the benefits of self-compassion
  • Manage threats with calm strength
  • Be less anxious
  • Rest in a sense of peace, contentment, and love

Class 5

  • Feel authentically successful at more things
  • Stay motivated
  • Pursue big goals without stress
  • Feel more thankfulness and joy

Class 6

  • Increase a genuine sense of self-worth
  • Release envy and resentment
  • Heal deep levels of old pain
  • Combine compassion and assertiveness
  • Class 1 - The Essence of Positive Neuroplasticity
  • Class 2 - Having, Enriching, and Absorbing Beneficial Experiences
  • Class 3 - Linking Positive and Negative Material
  • Class 4 - Growing Strengths for Safety
  • Class 5 - Growing Strengths for Satisfaction
  • Class 6 - Growing Strengths for Connection
  • Resources


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