Creating Your Own Business Success

Creating Your Own Business Success – Discover How To Grow, Scale, & Maximize Your Profits To Any Size Without Needing Extra Capital In This “A-Z” Marketing Home Study Course

You’re going to see in-depth strategies, real-world client success stories (and exactly what steps they took to strike it big), and a lifetime of proven wisdom distilled into its pure essence all inside this rare home study course.

12 In-Depth Breakdowns Revealing Every Strategy — In Excruciating Detail — For Capitalizing On Hidden Pockets Of Profits No Matter What Business You’re In

In each thought-provoking and action-oriented module, I cover a very specific topic related to successfully starting and growing your business to monumental levels.

Each module has been carefully designed to cover the most important and complete concepts, methodologies and strategies required for success.

These concepts have been hand-picked by myself and deemed as the highest and most relevant for fast-tracking your next big business breakthrough.

  • Module 1: Installing & Instilling The Entrepreneur’s Mindset
  • Module 2: Drivers of Performance
  • Module 3: The Entrepreneur’s Template
  • Module 4: Positioning For Your Business
  • Module 5: Tactics vs. Strategy
  • Module 6: Re-Defining Marketing
  • Module 7: The “Three Ways to Grow a Business” Model
  • Module 8: Upselling, Cross-Selling, Down-Selling, Packaging
  • Module 9: Monetizing, Maximizing, and Managing Relational Capital
  • Module 10: Consultative/Advisory Selling
  • Module 11: Trust Building
  • Module 12: Practice Accountability

In Creating Your Own Business Success, you will learn:

  • How to create a product or service that you sell online or offline — part-time or full-time — with little to no capital invested upfront.
  • The true path to becoming an asset maximizer for other companies — where you find overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, under-performing activities, underutilized resources or relationships or distribution channels — and you figure out how to make them monetize bigger, better, longer, and share in the revenue.
  • The brilliant way to BUY a product or service company and turn it into a cash-producing asset that works hard for you (no risk, no money spent, no worry).
  • One amazing method for helping existing businesses grow their profits (and thus their asset value), so they can be sold for a much higher price with you sharing continuously in the increased profit while the current owner controls it… and you pocketing a nice share of the selling price when it is sold.
  • How to buy a franchise on a pure performance basis.
  • A unique strategy for identifying a successful business in a limited marketing “niche” area… and acquiring the rights to duplicate their model in other parts of the country or the world.
  • How to claim “exclusive rights” for other countries or categories — vastly opening up a massive pool of potential profits for your product, service, or technology you wish to sell. Plus, you’ll even see…

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Name of Course: ​Creating Your Own Business Success – Jay Abraham | Release Date: 2020

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