Day Game Phone Game

Day Game Phone Game – Get The Confidence To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere without coming across as creepy or using any manipulative tactics.

Here’s What You Get Inside Day Game Phone Game

The most comprehensive collection of infield videos to show you every aspect of social dynamics and make you a true master in the pick up game.

1. Instant Gratification

Alex gives a full overview of the program, and what you need to know to go out and get day game success right away.

2. Intro, Set Up & Preparation

Alex explains the journey ahead and how we implemented the the plan of this program, and all the things you need to know before you master your own day game phone game.

3. Just go

Alex and the team get started with day game with mixed results. and many lessons learned.

4. Banging Your Head Against The Wall

Alex talks about early rejections, realities of day game and emotional management.

5. Abundance Saturation

Alex talk about getting a sense of abundance and how it effect your new approaches.

6. Dating Apps

Alex talks about how dating apps work, and the strategies to implement.

7. Day Game Know How

Alex talks about the full day game approach process.

8. Day Game Skill-Set

Watch infields from Alex and fellow instructors along with breakdowns

9. Day Game Rejections

Look at dealing with the imperfect interactions, how to interpret rejections, and how rejections are sometimes not all they seem. How to turn around objections and misunderstandings

10. Social Media Pull Marketing

Alex talks about the use of social media to hep your phone game strategy.

11. Your Mindset vs The Girl’s Intention

Alex talks about the female psychology of dating and cold approach.

12. Screening Masterclass

How to quickly evaluate the situation you’re in, to take the best course of action, and calibrate accordingly.

13. Phone Game And Text Game

Alex gives examples of phone calls and text game and the psychology behi

14. Qualification and Statements of Motivation

Alex talks about the important conversation mechanics of qualification and statements of motivation.

15. Objections and Seduction

Alex demonstrates many approaches and talks about the process of getting to know new people.

16. Instant dates & Insta-Pulls

Alex demonstrates dates and instant dates.

17. Flakes On The Phone

You shouldn’t expect girls to meet up with you immediately the next day after you get their number. Watch how patient Alex is with his leads and how he runs the conversation.

18. Multiple Relationships & Breakups

Alex gives advice on managing relationships, and also gives closure on all of the interactions you’ve seen in previous modules.

19. Bonus Daygame Student Breakdown With Ryan + Alex

An included student breakdown from the day game phone game experience.

20. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #1

Alex talks with shy girls in Sweden.

21. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #2

The famous bike crash video from Helsinki.

22. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #3

Cafe shop game in Switzerland.

23. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #4

Unique late night summer day game in Helsinki.

24. DGPG Alex Classic Infield #5

Air Hostess game in Australia and several follow up dates around the world.

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