Dirty Talk 101

Dirty Talk 101 – My Brand-New Course On Transforming Women to Your Bedroom Plaything (Giving Her Mind-Blowing Experiences, Orgasms & Memories to Look Back On)!

What’s Inside Dirty Talk 101

My course is made up of four powerful modules that’ll take you from “wait, why do I need dirty talk, again?” to “DAMN, Stir – my girlfriends won’t stop begging me to whisper somethin’ nasty to ‘em!”

MODULE 1 – The Power of Dirty Talk & Why You Need It:

If you’re new to this concept and habit, this module will share every reason why dirty talk is like crack cocaine for chicks.

We establish the two main reasons you need it – and how to start implementing it slowly – to retain chicks you sleep with, in a solid rotation (if you choose).

MODULE 2 – Perfecting Your Dirty Talk Delivery

Ever felt like you’d come across creepy if you tried this shit?

Well, so has every guy!

In this module, I’ll share with you *normal* ways to start using dirty talk in your bedroom sessions, and how to remain congruent, confident, and sexy.

MODULE 3 – Dirty Talk & Framing Before The Bedroom

I’m peeling back the curtain on my toolbox for getting her framed, ready, and excited to meet up with you – using subtle, unique, and suggestive talk before you meet her.

I’ll reveal again, how to do it in a non-creepy, non-needy, sexual, and masculine way. This sets the interaction up in your favor, as you lead and control the way to her fantasies.

MODULE 4 – Specific Dirty Talk Frameworks & Examples

Mate, what’s a course from a sex pro without examples, huh?

I show you specific frameworks for getting what you want, and sharing the dirtiest ideas in your head – in a way that lights up her emotional and sexual pleasure centers!

Things you’ve probably never even experimented with, like:

  • OWNERSHIP, and
  • plus much more I’ll explain inside – that’ll pull this entire course together for you!

Here are some of my most powerful techniques within. You’ll learn how to:

  • AMPLIFY her sexual experience, by controlling & stimulating her largest sex organ – her mind,
  • RETAIN scores of hot women in your rotation – Great sex = Great relationships = Longer relationships!
  • DELIVER messages directly into her subconscious, which arouse and build her into your ideal woman,
  • REVEAL the best version of her – NO more dealing with bitchy, argumentative women,
  • ELICIT the traits which make for happy, healthy, long-term relationships (based on true male & female nature),
  • DISCOVER 6 powerful delivery frameworks – for mind-blowing dirty talk – that’ll get her juices flowing (and bragging to her girlfriends about you!)
  • BUILD self-esteem & confidence in the bedroom – through language patterns that work,
  • BECOME the most dominant, confident bedroom version of yourself – damn-near effortlessly,
  • MASTER your frame control right at the beginning of your relationships – OR correct shit frames in your current relationship if need be!
  • UNDO the mainstream media’s bullshit brainwashing, and massively benefit you and her both in your relationship,
  • WIELD two high-power statements about female nature – that you should permanently tattoo on your forehead,
  • KNOW the difference, between being “creepy” to her, and being perceived as confident, strong, and dominant!
  • PERFECT your delivery, deepen your voice, and confidently deliver lines that’ll make her swoon … and BEG for more,
  • USE this one powerful, effective tool that’ll immediately increase your available options for abundant dates,
  • SET the frame of your relationship (before you’ve even met her!)
  • AVOID the dreaded “friend-zone” or “foodie call” position – when you really want BOOTY! Find out how to make her see you as a romantic partner; not a friend.
  • STEAL from my personal stash of killer lines, which help me line up back-to-back-to-back dates whenever I want,
  • DEPLOY the secret art of ‘sexual framing’ – and massively increase your same-night-lay percentage,
  • APPLY cookie-cutter templates to your dirty talk, so you NEVER stall your words or look incongruent (when it really matters) and
  • GRAB my 70+ dirty talk lines – and rip ‘em verbatim – to apply tonight to turn her on, get her off, and leave her craving!

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Name of Course: Dirty Talk 101 – Stirling Cooper | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://stirlingcooper.gumroad.com/l/ltRgJO

Author Price: $399 | Our Price: $30

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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