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Charlie Brandt – 100k Launch & Scale Academy 2.0

The Step-by-step program to go from

The Most Comprehensive A-Z Program
ready to learn how to Start a Profitable business from Scratch?!

👋 Meet Zach!
He has multiple stores, scaled a fitness store to $25k per week and is one of the more helpful members in the group for insight ❤️
$4K PER day

👋 Meet Matt Riley!
Joined the program and immediately started seeing results with his new store. He is a very honest and hard working person, and simply watched and implemented the strategies.
$500K Per year 🚀

👋 Meet Frenzo!
He joined the first day of the beta program and 1 week after launching saw initial results, then a month later started scaling to $50k per month!
20k per month

👋 Meet Mathias!
He’s a student who has taken many courses before but this is the program that put the missing pieces together. His results speak for himself!


everything is step by step
Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Academy!
Module 1
The Intro
(1.1) Welcome to 100k Academy 2.0
(1.2) How the course is structured
(1.3) Here’s my +$1,000,000 Store
(1.4) Rules & Prep before starting
Module 2
Product research Mastery
52 Minutes
(2.1) Product Research List Overview
(2.2) Me Analyzing Different Products
(2.3) Secret Tool to Find Odd Niches + Ideas
(2.4) Advanced Product Research Methods (My Favorite)
(2.5) Using Filters to Narrow Down Broad Ideas
(2.6) How many Products do I Need? What if I…
(2.7) Me Analyzing Students’ Products and giving Feedback
(2.8) I Answer Common Questions on Product Research
Module 3
Over the Shoulder Store Setup
(3.0) * Bonus Video* Here’s How Google Works (Avoid Copying Students)
(3.1) Complete Store Setup Walk Through
(3.2) The Essential Apps (+ Secret Shopping App)
The rest is covered in Technical Setups 🙂
Module 4
Technical Setups Made Easy
(4.1) Data Tactics with Merchant Center
(4.2) The Best Google App for the Merchant Center
(4.3) Copy my Advanced Edited Google Conversion Code
(4.4) Merchant Center Landmines to avoid
(4.5) How to Link everything correctly
Module 5
Copy my $10k per Day Landing Page
(5.1) Overview of my Winning Landing Page
(5.2) Building the Page from Scratch
(5.3) Adding Social Proof
(5.4) The Dangerous Pricing & Bundles Strategy
(5.5) The Modern Logo
(5.6) The Million Dollar Color Scheme
(5.7) Homepage + Finishing Touches
(5.8) Mobile Optimization (What I Do)
(5.9) Lowering Costs, Increasing Relevancy & More
(5.10) Advanced Landing Page Assignments for Products
(5.11) Speed Optimization (Exactly what to look for)
(5.12) Member Shares Experience Building Landing Page !!! (PDF)
Module 6
Phase 1 – The $10k Launch
(6.1) How to Launch your ads profitably first Try
(6.2) Google Ads Initial Set Up
(6.3) SKAGS – Long Tail Keywords
(6.4) Setting up Successful Shopping Campaigns
(6.5) Ranking Our Google Shopping Titles
(6.6) High CTR Google Shopping Image
(6.7) Images & Titles Product Variations Editing
(6.8) (Help Guide!) Budget not Spending? Worried about Conversions?
(6.9) Facebook Pixel – Why you should Install it
(6.10) Analyzing our Results from Ads
Module 7
Phase 2 – The $10k Growth
(7.1) Supplier and Alibaba Walkthrough
(7.2) Landing Page on Steroids to Scale
(7.3) Complete Columns Setup
(7.4) Optimizing Our Search Campaigns
(7.5) Advanced Demographics & Device Tactics
(7.6) Shopping Campaign Initial Optimization
(7.7) Transitioning Correctly into Phase 3
Module 8
PHASE 3 – THE $100K Foundation
(8.1) Custom Content Strategies
(8.2) Automation & Hiring Mastery
(8.3) Advanced Shopping Strategy to Scale (How I did It)
(8.4) Google Shopping Advanced Scaling (Setting it up)
(8.5) Advanced Shopping Titles Walkthrough
(8.6) Ranking the Shopping Descriptions
(8.7) Overview of All Star Keyword Campaigns
(8.8) ALL Star Scaling Campaign
(8.9) How to Adjust Campaigns
Module 9
Phase 4 – The $100k Scaling
(9.1) Crazy 100k per/month Shopping Strategy
(9.2) Negative Keywords Setup for the Funnel
(9.3) Adding a new Campaign to the Shopping Funnel
(9.4) Target ROAS Switch Strategy
(9.5) My x7.8 ROAS Retargeting Strategy
(9.6) The Segmented Audience Creation
(9.7) Overview of All Star Keyword Campaigns
(9.8) All Star Campaign
(9.9) How to Adjust Campaigns
Module 10
Phase 4 – The $100k SCALING
(10.1) Crazy 100k per/month Shopping Strategy
(10.2) Negative Keywords Setup for the Funnel
(10.3) Adding a new Campaign to the Shopping Funnel
(10.4) Target ROAS switch
(10.5) My x7.8 ROAS Retargeting Strategy
(10.6) The Segmented Audience Creation
100k Academy facebook ads
Module 11
Mastering the Facebook Platform
(11.1) The Algorithm Overview
(11.2) Setting up our Page with Settings
(11.3) Facebook Policies
Module 12
Set-up for Ads
(12.1) Facebook Business Manager, Pixel, And Essential Setup
(12.2) Creating winning Audience Segments
(12.3) Creating Our Advanced Audiences Early
Module 13
how to create ecom videos that scale
(13.1) Full Walkthrough of my Winning eCom Video Script
(13.2) Watch me Gather Branded Content Assets
(13.3) LIVE Editing and Creation of the eCom Video
Module 14
Set-up for Ads
(14.1) Guidelines for success and patterns
(14.2) Winning Facebook Framework
(14.3) Setting up our Data Driven Decisions
(14.4) Winning Campaign setup Part 1
(14.5) Winning Campaign setup Part 2
(14.6) My most profitable Ad Copy Script for eCom
(14.7) Creating thumbnails with HIGH CTR
(14.8) Audience Segmentations for lower Cost per Conversions
(14.9) My LIVE $1,000,000 5x ROAS Retargeting Setup
Module 15
phase 1 launch
(15.1) How to Launch Profitably in 7 Days
(15.2) How to Reach Consistency and Optimize Winners
(15.3) The best initial creation for your first CBOs
(15.4) Exactly when to Kill, Pivot or more Forward
Module 16
live $3,400 Net profit (30 min of managing)
(16.1) LIVE Ad Account management $3,400 Net Profit (30 min of managing)
(16.2) LIVE How I Think and React to Bad days – and how to overcome them
Module 17
phase 2 scaling
(17.1) I Use these 3 Data Points to Scale ads Quickly
(17.2) How to scale to $10k per day
(17.3) The secrets of Manual Bidding to reduce Costs
(17.4) Complete walkthrough inside my account for scaling


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