Earn The Deal

Earn The Deal – Learn how to convert complete strangers into high paying clients with ABSOLUTE  CONTROL

What’s Included In The Earn The Deal™ (ETD)  Sales Mastery Program

Fundamentals Of The Worlds Highest Converting Ethical Sales System

  • How to design and create your own sales system that generates predictable profits for your business.
  • The only four outcomes of a sales conversation & why we only accept 3 of them as professionals.
  • 9 sales myths that will wreak havoc on your conversion rate if you believe them.

5 Phases Of A Successful Sales Conversation

  • The sequential process that every successful sale follows.
  • 11 core beliefs about sales that all top performers have.
  • Deep dive into how to conduct an ETD sales conversation

Downloadable Proven ETD Sales Guides

  • Universal Earn The Deal sales guide
  • One-Off Videos
  • Content Retainers
  • Commercial Campaigns
  • Mentorship Programs

Creating The Ultimate Earn The Deal Sales Guide For Your Offer

  • How to create your own questions for your sales conversations
  • How to prepare for negative situations by practicing objection prevention

Earn The Deal Practice Exercises

  • How to properly role play to develop real sales skills
  • Finding your most commanding, confident & passionate tonality for conducting sales conversations

Live ETD Sales Meetings Recordings & Team Role Playing

  • How to position, price, package and run a ETD sales conversation for content retainers
  • How to position, price, package and run a ETD sales conversation for commercial campaigns

Emotional Regulation

  • How to quickly identify when you’re beginning a sales slumps and turn it around
  • Using our sales tracking sheet to monitor your performance

Feedback On Your Questions

  • How to record your sales conversations, save and organize them so you get feedback and improve.
  • How to get paid (credit cards, bank transfers, checks)
  • How to land your first client for a brand new offer
  • How to sell when the price of your offer is flexible

Meet Your Instructors

Our filmmaking & content creator clients inside Earn The Deal have generated over $40 million dollars in sales in the last 4 years.

Track record:

  • Over 1,000 successful students who have generated a ROI on Earn The Deal
  • 99% satisfaction rate
  • Average deal size = $7,500+

In the last 5 years our companies have generated over 5 million dollars in sales and at the heart of those sales is the Earn The Deal sales program.

Proof download

Name of Course: ​Earn The Deal – Paul Xavier | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://www.contentcreator.com/earn-the-deal

Author Price: $​1997| Our Price: $​35

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] to pay with PayPal/Credit/Debit Card

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