Email Copy Academy

Email Copy Academy – Become A Highly Paid, In-Demand Email Copywriter In Record Time!

I’m going to give you the exact system I developed for not only writing high converting email campaigns for clients… but also my system for finding, attracting, and closing “whale” clients who pay you a buttload of cash each month for your email writing skills.

What You’ll Learn In Email Copy Academy

Module #1: Super Simple Email Marketing 101

  • How to choose the right email software for your business
  • How to use your email software without getting confused by all the tech
  • Segmenting 101
  • How to keep your list healthy and engaged (and how to reactivate it if it’s gone cold)
  • My simple process for market research reveals everything you need to know about your market to make a ton of sales
  • And more…

Module #2: The Anatomy of Emails That Sell

  • The psychology behind emails that sell and emails that don’t
  • 12 rules for email marketing that will make every email you write twice as profitable
  • My 10+ formulas for subject lines people can’t ignore (these are infinitely adaptable… and I provide dozens of examples you can model)
  • My 14 highest converting email formulas (after writing thousands of emails for clients, these 14 are the ones I always go back to when I’m looking for a ‘sure thing.’) The best part is… you can reuse these formulas over and over again without people ever even knowing… they are easily adaptable for whatever product you’re selling.
  • And more…

Module #3: Email Strategy

  • Different email strategy models you can use for your business… and how to choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Tips for keeping out of the spam box… so that your emails don’t get lost in the shuffle
  • How to write broadcast emails people look forward to… and buy from (without needing scarcity, urgency, deadlines or discounts)
  • How many times a week should you email? (I’ll tell you exactly what’s right for your business)
  • What to put in your broadcasts so people never get bored… and so they grow to love the emails you send them.
  • How to write an autoresponder that actually converts
  • And much, much more!

Module #4: Big-Money Launches

  • The four stages of every launch campaign (and the psychology behind each one)
  • How to gather feedback from your launch to make even more sales during all of your future launches
  • My framework for writing successful product launch email campaigns
  • The different types of product launch campaigns… and how to adapt your emails for any kind of launch.

Module #5: How to Get Email Copy Clients

  • How to get a paying client as fast as TODAY, without sending out any cold emails.
  • How to find and attract more of your dream clients (you know, the ones who pay you well and respect your hard work)
  • The four best methods of lead generation for copywriters… and how to use them to get booked solid with well-paying copy clients.

Module #6: Closing The Deal & Delivering Results

  • How to get clients to apply for the privilege of speaking with you (this turns the table and puts the power back in your favor)
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for the sales call (and how to get rid of all the butterflies and jitters you might feel when you normally talk with clients.)
  • An almost “word-for-word” script you can follow when you’re on a call with clients… that will close deals for you, even if you’re introverted and are terrified of talking about money over the phone.
  • How to close deals and get paid the same day… without ever having to send a proposal. (This isn’t for everyone… but it can save you some administrative headaches and time that you’d normally spend crafting an elaborate proposal that most people don’t want to read anyway).
  • And much, much more…

Name of Course: Email Copy Academy – Chris Orzechowski | Release Date: 2020

Sale Page:

Author Price: $497 | Our Price: $24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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