Facebook Ads Insiders

Facebook Ads Insiders – Learn exactly how to create, optimize & scale Facebook Ad Campaigns that delivery outstanding results.

What’s Included In Facebook Ads Insiders

Preparing For Success – Value: $497

To kick things off, we set really solid foundations. I show you how to set everything up for success, including Business Manager accounts, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads Polices, etc. I also show you how to prime your Facebook Page and make sure you look credible and reliable to your prospects on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Strategy – Value: $697

Using the right Facebook Ads Strategy is crucial. In this module I detail a number of new and innovative strategies that consistently deliver great results for us and our clients. I show you exactly how they work and which strategy is best suited to your business and the industry you operate in.

Facebook Ad Campaigns – Value: $497

Facebook Ad campaigns are split into 3 parts. In this module I cover the top level (the campaign level) in detail. Showing you how to choose the best Campaign Objectives, take advantage of Campaign Budget Optimization, use the right Buying Type for your campaigns and more.

Ad Set Targeting – Value: $997

Specifically targeting your ideal customers is one of the things that makes Facebook advertising one of the best marketing platforms ever created. I cover it all here, including how to find winning targeting options, creating killer Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and a whole lot more.

iOS 14 – Value: $997

iOS 14 has had a big impact on Facebook advertising. In this bonus module I show you exactly what you need to do, to make sure your Facebook ad campaigns produce the best possible results post iOS 14. I’ll also be adding content to this module frequently as the Facebook ads changes are implemented, so you’ll always be up to date.

Advanced Strategies 1 – Value: $997

Ever heard of the Instagram Profile Method? For certain product and service offerings, it’s fantastically powerful. In this advanced strategy bonus module, I show you exactly how to turn your Instagram profile into cutting edge sales material and then implement finely tuned Instagram advertising campaigns to generate new leads and customers quickly and cost effectively.

Is the Facebook Ads Insiders course for beginners or advanced Facebook advertisers?

I designed this course to be as comprehensive as possible. We start right at the beginning and I show you how to set everything up for success. And we go right through to advanced Facebook advertising strategies and retargeting techniques. So whether you have never run a Facebook ad before or have years of experience, you should find this course tremendously valuable.

Is this course for people who want to build a Facebook Ads Agency or advertise their own products and services?

Both. My audience contains a lot of agency owners and a lot of people that are advertising their own businesses – I designed this course with that in mind. It shows you exactly how to get fantastic results with Facebook Ads in a lot of different industries. You can implement that in your own business, or for clients.

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Name of Course: Facebook Ads Insiders – Ben Heath | Release Date: 2021

Sale Pagehttps://www.leadguru.co.uk/facebook-ads-insiders/

Author’s Price: $997 | Our Price: $21.95

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