5-Day AI Campaign Sprint

5-Day AI Campaign Sprint – You’ll be in and out in five days with your complete AI generated campaign!

There are two old adages in marketing that ALL experienced marketers know are 100% true – 1. MONEY LOVES SPEED and 2. WHOEVER HAS THE MOST OFFERS WINS!

With those two adages in mind, Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham have assembled the world’s top 5 A.I. masters!

In this 5-day AI campaign sprint-style masterclass,

They’ll deliver you a ‘rapid deployment’ campaign– in All 5 Key “Tracks” of A.I…

  • The RESEARCH Track – using A.I. to do marketing research and conversion calculations as a game-changer for your business
  • The LONG COPY Track – writing sales pages and sales video scripts that sell more effectively on complete and total auto-pilot
  • The SHORT COPY Track – creating email and Online ad copy that converts at a higher rate in 1/8 the time it used to take
  • The VISUALS Track – producing graphics and high converting buttons with ease – no sensitive designer feelings to avoid hurting
  • The AUDIO/VIDEO Track- Creating completely A.I. generated audio and video material without needing to be in it yourself or hire anyone else to do it

Just imagine having access to minds of the A.I. 5IVE, the world’s top A.I. marketing experts to help you create your complete, end-to-end, profitable A.I. marketing campaign in a FRACTION OF THE TIME!

Course Overview

Name of Course:   5-Day AI Campaign Sprint – Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham
Author Price:  $497
Sale Page:   https://pages.strategicprofits.com/ai5-details-c/
Release Date:  2023
File Size:   5.3 GB
Delivery Method:  Free Download (cloud drive)
Content:  Video, Pdfs

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