GeekOut – Dubai 2022 Replay – Relive all the insights, tactics, and strategies of greekout Dubai in the comfort of your home.

It’s always bittersweet when any GeekOut event comes to an end… and Dubai was no exception. But just because the event is over doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. GeekOut Dubai was packed full of strategies, stats, clicks, and conversions. No stone was left unturned. So if you’re anything like us, it helps to review what you’ve learned. That’s what this offer is all about. Every time you watch a replay, you’ll shed light on some dope insights you might have missed while at the event. So pick the option below that works best for you and get back to making 2022 your year.

What You Will Learn Inside GeekOut – Dubai 2022 Replay

Over 8 Hours of Video PLUS Speaker Slides

  • Tik-Tok For Scaling – The Method for 2022
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Scaling With Accelerated Bidding – 300k a dayQ4 / 150k A Day Q1
  • Thrasio: The Beast of All Aggregators – How It Grew This Big and What’s Next
  • LTV FTW – How To Be Able To Afford More Than Your Competitors and Own Your Own Traffic Source
  • The Art and Science of iPhone Content Creation
  • The 80/20 Remarketing Life – How To Master The Bottom Funnel To Help You Make More For Less
  • 2021’s Highest Converting Pages (a look back)
  • Build Your Own SEO Engine Without The Crazy Costs
  • NFT and Defi in Marketing
  • Scaling with Influencers

GeekOut – Dubai 2022 Replay – Info On Speakers

  • Zach Johnson – Zach is the founder of – the world’s first card for advertisers. Backed by investors and advisors from Visa Ventures, Tradedesk, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Criteo. Visa’s FinTech Accelerator Participant Winter ’20. Exclusive partnership with Mastercard. Former paid media agency owner turned SaaS Founder to FinTech CEO
  • Emanuele Maragno – Facebook Ads Strategist For International Ecommerce Scaling. $ 30.000.000+ Ad Spent in the last 3 years, over $ 100.000.000+ Generated. Co-Founder of ECOM HOUSE, Ecom Growth Agency in Germany
  • John Hefter – As a founder of Thrasio, I have been fortunate to witness our original team of 4 grow into a 1000 person, multibillion-dollar powerhouse. At work and in life, I am a polymath with unrelenting energy and curiosity. I enjoy regularly deploying my expertise in branding, creative, neuroscience marketing, business development, acquisitions, leadership, culture building, and product development across diverse sets of business domains. If there is a challenge met, I will face it openly with creativity, humor, and persistence.
  • Zach Nyborg – Zach Nyborg recently joined Via, a mobile commerce software platform focused on building authentic relationships. Via has generated over $50MM in revenue for eCommerce business owners and has raised over $80MM in the last 12 months. Zach has experience as a director of marketing at iFIT Health & Fitness which generated $1.7B in revenue in fiscal 2021 and also spent over a decade in college football.
  • Cody Inverson – Cody & the Viscap Team help 7-10 figure DTC eCom brands scale aggressively on paid social through the creation of modular content that turns clicks into conversion.
  • Maor Benaim – Affiliate, Brand, and Agency owner, full-stack media buyer who’s obsessed with digital marketing/online campaigns and personal development
  • Carl Weische – has been an eCommerce entrepreneur for 5 years and specializes in scaling fast-growing D2C-brands long-term with CRO & AB-Testing. During these years, Carl has worked with brands across almost every niche, while replicating the success and generating 7-figures in uplifts. He specializes in customer psychology, the science of selling, and creating successful businesses.
  • Lars Schroder – lives and breathes human psychology to the point where everything he does is centered around understanding what makes a person tick and why do people act the way they do. From his own brand in the luxury sector to life coaching for managers, artists & more, he now ultimately influences consumers through data-driven a/b testing. Together with Carl Weische, Lars enables eCom brands to scale and own the market, creating million dollars in uplifts through S&W Optimizations
  • And more…

GeekOut – Dubai 2022 Replay

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