God Tier Agency Scaling

God Tier Agency Scaling – A no nonsense training series for freelancers and agency owners – to get more leads, consistently close the sale, onboard your new clients – successfully and without confusion – and retain them for longer, by using tried and tested processes.

I guarantee that if you put just some of this material to use, you will see the reward.

God Tier Agency Scaling – Course Content

Please, Start Here

  • Quick intro, please watch!

Financial Planning

  • Introduction to the “Backwards Business Plan”
  • Working Through the Plan
  • Tracking Progress
  • The Backwards Business Plan Template File

Inbound Prospecting

  • Introduction to the Inbound Funnel
  • Framework, Ads & Audience
  • Landing Page, VSL & Calls

Outbound Prospecting

  • Outbound Prospecting Introduction
  • Prospecting Philosphy (Important)
  • List Building
  • Your Outreach Messaging
  • Results Based Email Template.pdf
  • Results Based Email
  • PPC Ad Lab Outreach Email.pdf
  • Market Report Outreach
  • Free Help Offer Email Prospecting Sequence.pdf
  • Another Example
  • Setting-up the Tech
  • The Email Warm-up
  • Importing Your Prospects
  • Creating & Sending Your Campaign
  • Cold Email Technical Sign-off.pdf
  • BONUS: PPC Ad Lab Step-by-Step

Sales Conversion

  • Introduction & Red Flags
  • Step-1 the Discovery & Audit
  • Step-2 the Review & Close
  • 100 Percent Close Rate Script
  • 2-page Agreement Template


  • Client Onboarding Overview
  • Part 1: Asana Import
  • Asana Customisations
  • Client Onboarding Checklist – Asana.csv
  • Part 1: ClickUp Import
  • Part 2: ClickUp Import
  • ClickUp Customisations

Client Retention

  • 100-day Communication Schedule
  • 6-Month Rentention Roadmap
  • Your ‘Sleep Well’ Guide to Performance Concerns

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Name of Course: God Tier Agency Scaling – Ed Leake | Release Date: 2020

Sale Page: https://app.godtierads.com/agency-scaling

Author Price: $495 | Our Price: $24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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