Head In The Clouds

Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced – What I am going to show you in this course will take you to an SEO level you may have thought literally impossible 24 hours ago.

So let’s get right to it.

There are 2 levels to the training, and 3 different courses all in one, each one of these training modules alone is worth the price that Holly is charging for all three combined… … we are trying to give you the BEST value for your money all year when it comes to SEO!

Basic Level: Head In The Clouds Linkbuilding Course

At this level we will cover how to build niche-specific, UR50+ DR80+, PBN backlinks for any niche you want by the HUNDREDS

These links are INSTANTLY ready to be used for SEO backlinking… the same day you build them.

We will provide a private list of all the best and most powerful domains and teach you how to quickly and effectively set up hundreds of sites and links in just hours.

How to manipulate the metrics of these domains so high that you can actually compete with sites like Facebook and youtube, easily.

These PBNs will rank local clients so fast they will get whiplash… and can push national clients entire pages for competitive, high volume keywords… IN DAYS.

My Promise: If you take the basic course, you will be able to build career-changing, client ranking, permanently strong PBN links for yourself or your clients, by the hundreds, faster than you ever thought possible ( Like DAYS).

Advanced Level: AI SEO Empire

I can’t say too much about this part of the course because I don’t want to reveal our techniques and softwares before the course launches, but I will tell you this much…

When you are finished with this part of the course, you will be able to build as many high authority, private and exclusive, niche and even keyword-specific PBNs for any client or to rank your own assets.

I will show you how to build these sites in about 1 minute each… I mean it.

These sites automatically build high metrics in WEEKS, they instantly rank in google for HUNDREDS of keywords and generate tons of real organic traffic immediately.

These sites are ready to be used as links on your sites or clients’ sites in 30-45 days from the time of build.

These sites are perfectly SEO optimized and interlinked with hundreds of pages of high-quality content that gets indexed and ranks on google… really fast.

Try to wrap your head around what I’m saying, you will be able to build a blog network of beautiful, safe, high-power blogs in any niche that you want, dozens, or even hundreds at a time, by pushing a button, really.

And I will show you how to build these blogs with nothing but A KEYWORD… that’s right, to build a high power, niche-specific PBN that will be a valuable and powerful SEO money-making asset for years to come, all you need is ONE KEYWORD.

Input your keyword, push a button, and bam!

Brand new high power PBN.

Rinse, Repeat.

Literally, the best links that you can get in all of SEO, in unlimited amounts.

Oh yeah… … you can also create these blogs instantly in over 200 LANGUAGES… … even if you don’t speak a word!

I have 60+ Spanish language PBNs driving SERIOUS traffic in about three weeks, and my Spanish is not good, lol.

Think about it… … do you know how much traffic you can generate with 10 Spanish language PBN domains, and the right keyword selection?

I’ll tell you… … over 4k organic visitors in google in under 1 MONTH, with NEW SITES!

Have you all ever wondered what kind of damage you can do with 100 high authority, niche-specific, 100% private, and exclusive backlinks?

Wonder no more… you will literally never have to buy backlinks from another vendor, for you or your clients, ever.

YOU will own all of your backlinks!

If your still not peeing your pants about all this… let me tell you about the advanced course bonus, this really should be its own thing, but for Holly… we will indulge.


Name of Course: Head In The Clouds SEO Training Basic and Advanced | Release Date: 2022

Sale Pagehttps://store.hollystarks.com/product/head-in-the-clouds-seo-training-basic-and-advanced

Author’s Price: $600 | Our Price: $24.95

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