Instagrizzle Masterclass

Instagrizzle Masterclass – Instagram course teaches you how to create great content and build an engaged fanbase for your business.

The strategies & methods I share in the course don’t work just for me, but also for others. I have since helped people from many other industries develop their creative habits and systems.

What you will learn inside Instagrizzle Masterclass

Module 1: Welcome

Listen to my welcome message, and get access to all the files.

Module 2: Find Your Audience

Find the others. Niche down. Establish your expertise.

Module 3: Instagram Overview

A module for complete beginners to make Instagram easy to use and help understand all features.

Module 4: The Instagram Algorithm

Learn how the Algorithm works, what the dynamics are on the Home and Explore feed, hashtags and ‘others’ and find out what content performs well.

Module 5: Writing Copy for Instagram

Writing is a skill you can learn. This module will not turn you into a billion-dollar copywriter, but will help you write much better posts.

Module 6: Carousel Creation Principles

The thinking process behind making great carousel posts. This is more important than the design itself. If you follow these principles, you can make great posts even without design skills.

Module 7: Keynote Tutorials

I use Keynote on Mac to make all my posts. In this module, I’ll teach you how to use this presentation software to make carousels. If you don’t have Keynote; PowerPoint or Google Slides will work fine

Module 8: Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

If you are an Adobe CC user, this module will show you how to make carousel posts in Illustrator.

Module 9: Photo Editing

Instagram is all about the visuals. Learn how to use Lightroom and make your images pop.

Module 10: Video Editing

I made an IGTV video for Chris Do from one of the videos they have on YouTube. He posted it, and got 98,000 views since. I’ll show you how I did it, step-by-step.

Module 11: Productivity Tips for Creators

Being productive is just as important as your creative skills. Here, I share my best tips on increasing content output.

Module 12: Scheduling & Automation

Should you post natively? Is it okay to use third party apps? What about bots? I’ll answer these questions here.

Module 13: Growth Hacking

Find better hashtags and use them properly. Learn about the Instagram Shadowban. Get featured on big accounts.

Module 14: Dead Accounts & Fixing Your Profile

Do you show the end-of-life symptoms of a dying Instagram page? Don’t worry, I got you. Find the first aid kit for dead accounts, and fix your profile in this module.

Module 15: Analytics

Don’t stab in the dark. Learn what the numbers actually mean and how you can optimize your content for better results.

Module 16: Making Money from Instagram

Learn beginner, advanced and expert level strategies on pricing the attention you have. Steal my exact scripts to sell awareness to other Instagram accounts or brands.

Who is Instagrizzle Masterclass for?

You might be thinking: “But if this program works for all industries, doesn’t it mean it’s not specific enough? If it’s for everyone, isn’t it for no one?”

Well, great question, but there is one thing that’s common in all of these industries. Which is the best strategy you must use in order to grow an audience.

The best strategy is to out-teach your competition.

Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this strategy ALWAYS WORKS.

Are you a designer? Teach how you make stuff. Answer the most common questions of your clients. You’ll attract other designers, as well clients.

For your clients, you can sell your services, and for other designers, you can sell courses or any of your byproducts.

Are you a marketer, teacher, online entrepreneur, content creator or coach? Same thing. Teach your gems similar to how chefs write cookbooks.

World famous chefs know that you can’t just buy their cookbook, then make the same thing tomorrow and drive them out of business.

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