Marketplace Mastery

Marketplace Mastery – Learn our step-by-step Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping formula – taking you from complete beginner to earning an income online in a matter of days.


Build a highly profitable Facebook Dropshipping business in days

Distinguished Dropshipper, Tom Cormier (eCom Tom), teaches you everything he knows in this 7 hour class, reshaping the way you earn income. Dive into this emerging opportunity and leave the class with a fully operational Facebook Dropshipping business.

Part 1: Marketplace Fundamentals

Learn the end-to-end skills of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping, from securing the shipping option to finding the best suppliers. During this part, Tom reveals his top 15 verified Dropship suppliers list.

Part 2: Listing High-Profit Items

In the second part of Marketplace Mastery, Tom demonstrates his techniques for choosing hot selling products. He teaches you how to ensure that the products will continue to sell over time with substantial profit.

Part 3: Developing Your Store

In Part 3, Tom guides you through his systematic process for developing a semi-automated Facebook Dropshipping store. You’ll finish the class with a scalable opportunity and high income potential.


Level up your Dropshipping skills

During Marketplace Mastery, you’ll learn the full set of Marketplace Dropshipping skills Tom Cormier uses to sell thousands every month. This class takes you to new heights no matter your eCommerce experience level.

The Marketplace Dropshipping Model

Tom breaks down the fundamental concepts of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping, and explains the advantages of this new business model.

Facebook Account Setup

Tom walks you through his real-time process for properly setting up your Facebook Marketplace account to begin Dropshipping.

The ‘No-Shipping Option’ Solution

If you don’t have the shipping option available on your Facebook Marketplace account, Tom’s solution easily allows you to circumvent this issue.

Top 15 Verified Suppliers List

Tom’s curated list of 15 handpicked suppliers allows you to find the most profitable products to start Dropshipping immediately.

Over the Shoulder Item Research

Watch Tom as he demonstrates his real-time item research process. You’ll learn how to identify the best selling items, and the ones to avoid.

Masking Supplier Identity

Tom shares his tips for keeping Dropship suppliers identity a secret to your customers – a common concern for new Marketplace sellers.

3 Pillars of High-Performing Listings

In this section, you’ll learn how to sell your items fast and for higher profit with Tom’s proven formula for titles, photos, and descriptions.

A-Z Order Fulfillment

Tom teaches you step-by-step how to place Dropship orders, upload tracking, communicate with customers, and ensure timely deliveries.

Scaling & Automating Your Store

Take your business to new heights with Tom’s profit maximizing strategies including tax exemption, cash back, and leveraging outsourced workers.


Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, bonus guides, and community feedback. Its carefully developed curriculum and unforgettable learning experience is designed to help you earn more income online.

What do you get in Marketplace Mastery?

  • Section 1 Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping IntroPrepare your online business for success by learning all of the advantages of Marketplace Dropshipping.
  • Section 2 Getting Comfortable With Your AccountIn this section, you’ll lay the foundation by learning how to navigate your account, and ensure it is properly setup and verified.
  • Section 3 “I Cant Find Item’s To Sell!” The Best SuppliersThis section reveals some best practices for aligning your Dropshipping business with suppliers that comply with Facebook policies.
  • Section 4 Choosing “Hot-Selling” Products to DropshipWe’re going to let you in on our secrets to finding “hot selling products” and take you through the business model of Dropshipping.
  • Section 5 Our Marketplace Listing Formula Proven to SellIn this section, you’ll learn how to sell your items fast and for more profit with our proven formula for titles, photos, and descriptions.
  • Section 6 “You Sold Your First Item!” Now What?Learn how to fulfill orders step-by-step to ensure they get Dropshipped correctly. All of the critical steps that you need to take for pending orders.
  • Section 7 How to Easily Keep Your Customers HappyIn this unit, you’ll get our customer service templates and more help on how to expertly handle almost any scenario.
  • Section 8 Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Your ProfitBecome an expert by deploying all of the methods that we use to make more money and automate our Dropshipping businesses.

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