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Kibo Eclipse is created for budding potential ecommerce business owners who wish to set up a successful online store. Helps learners through carefully curated modules that collectively drive growth of the online business.

Like many other similar programs available for e-Commerce enthusiasts, it says it can help anyone, beginner or advanced, learn how to make serious profits from their e-Commerce business, as it’s focused on how sales can improve and more money than ever be made. What makes Kibo Eclipse different is the fact that it teaches the industry’s most uncommon strategies and techniques

What Does the Training Program contain?

This segment of the Kibo Eclipse review elaborates on the modules bundled up in the Kibo Eclipse program. These modules curated by the Kibo Eclipse team lie at the core of the Kibo Eclipse program.

When you enroll yourself into the program, you get access to the following 8 modules:

Kibo Incubator

The Incubator is an eight-week training program developed by Steven Clayton, Booth and the rest of the team. The Kibo Code Eclipse Incubator has been claimed to be one of the best modules in multiple reviews on the platform. In the Kibo Incubator module, the team shows you how you can build a successful e-Commerce empire from the ground up. Forming the very core of the platform, this module has been carefully designed to teach the participants about the most effective business model that they can use to build a profitable online business.

Kibo JumpStart

The second module shows you how you can jumpstart your business and start earning profits at the earliest.

This module is scheduled to be held as live sessions multiple times in a week by the team, including Steven Clayton and Booth. If you want to make timely profits and boost the presence of your online store, this is the module you should watch out for.

Kibo HQ

Kibo HQ is an operational tool of the training program. Developed by the  team to help you build a scalable online store, this module is not just a training content but also an operation hub. The hub or the tool offered by Kibo HQ lets you build, manage, as well as scale their online stores to great heights.

To boost free traffic and help you establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur (maybe even be considered amongst the popular overseas suppliers), the team offers apps in the Kibo HQ that are worth over $10,000.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo Oracle is both a module as well as a highly advanced software created by the team in conjunction with the highly-skilled creators of the program. This tool gives the participants access to countless numbers (would not be an exaggeration to say ‘millions’) of products. From millions of products to choose from, you can easily filter which products are the most profitable for you.

Kibo Converters

Do you want to convert potential leads to active customers of your online store? The Kibo Converter included in the program teaches you exactly this. Using multiple software tools, you can convert those visitors into potential leads that make you profits at the end of the day.

Kibo Socializer

The team developed the Kibo Socializer so that you can take the fullest advantage of both cheap paid and free traffic from social media. This will not only drive more sales but also increase the visibility of your store. This smart analytical tool ultimately brings limitless profits and boosts your online sales.

Kibo Accelerators

The training program in its seventh module, Kibo Accelerators teaches how you can improve site traffic using an effective business model and proven strategies.

It is a pivotal module and an important one since ‘acceleration’ is the key to standing out in the long run of online money-making.

Kibo MentorPoint

The seasoned Kibo Eclipse team goes far and beyond to add this module into the program, so that you can have continuous support when running your online store. Kibo MentorPoint is basically a support system that comprises a team of experts as well as enthusiasts and community members that help when you hit a stumbling block.

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