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Kings Council Coaching – Business Coaching for Kingdom Entrepreneurs

The Kings Council Coaching is a community of entrepreneurs, high achievers, and business leaders committed to excellence who yearn for more, are inspired to do more, for the Kingdom.

We equip entrepreneurs with the tools, systems, and frameworks necessary to discover, develop & deploy their God given vision into the marketplace.

We believe God’s greatest gift to us is life, therefore our greatest gift to Him is what we do with it. This is why we have created this tribe of like mind-setted business leaders that have a yearning for more and desire to increase capacity for themselves and for the Kingdom.

There is nothing glorifying about lack. One of the most painful scenarios a King or Queen can face is to be presented with an opportunity to contribute to a cause for Kingdom Advancement, and not possess the resources to supply for that need.

Kings & Queens know they were created by God with the ability to produce wealth in order to establish His covenant throughout the earth. Therefore, we willingingly engage in the battle of business, continually conquering new territories to bring the spoils of the world back into the Kingdom….The Kingdom Economy.

Our Mission is to create wealth and provision for the purpose of establishing God’s covenant on earth.

The Kings Council Coaching is PRO – Vision.

Knowing that the number one enemy of every vision is lack of provision; that is where The Kings Council vision has been established.

Ministries today can cast the most incredible visions, but until people’s hearts are stirred enough to bring in the resources for these visions, they won’t be accomplished.

As Kingdom Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders, when we step into our true calling, the provision is released and there is abundance for those God-given visions to be fulfilled.

There is an abundance of resources on the planet to make the message of Christ available to every single person. There is more than enough money to look after the widows and orphans……to feed every child, and to place the Word of God in the hands of each person in their respective language. But God needs the Kings & Queens of today to step into their true calling. It is our job to supply the resources needed to not only bring the message of Christ to every single person, but also be the catalyst for ushering in the second coming of Christ!

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