Landing Page Academy – Rob Andolina

Landing Page Academy – Learn How To Make Landing Pages That Convert At 20-70%

What You Will Learn In This Course

Landing Page Academy is a simple, user-friendly online course taught with detailed over-the-shoulder video trainings showing you how to build high converting landing pages from scratch.

You will learn all the fundamentals needed to build and A/B test your pages to higher conversion rates.

We’ll teach you a simple, proven (templated) set-up that you can use to build your landing pages to collect more leads & phone.

No matter what niche you are building landing pages in, this will show you how to build them to CONVERT.

Course Curriculum


Module 1:

  • What is a Landing Page?
  • Using a Landing Page Vs a Homepage
  • Types of Landing Page Builders

Module 2:

  • The Power of Message Match (Most Important Factor)
  • Social Proof & Why Its Essential to Use as Leverage

Module 3:

  • Landing Page Copywriting 101 (How to Make All Your Pages Convert Over)
  • Creating Your Headlines With The PERFECT Message Match
  • Building Out Your Main Call to Action (CTA)
  • Improve Landing Page Experience (Complete How To)
  • Different Style Pages (Button Pop-Ups Vs Lead Gen Forms)
  • Thank You Pages And Their Functions

Module 4:

  • Building a Landing Page From Scratch (In Instapage)
  • Plumber Mobile Lead Generation Page (With Contact Form) 47% Conversion
  • Limousine _ Party Bus Call Only Page (No Contact Form) 21% Conversion

Module 5:

  • Building a Landing Page on Instapage’s Platform
  • Building a Landing Page on Unbounce’s Platform

Module 6:

  • How to A_B Test Landing Pages in Instapage (Get 25%-40%+ Conversion)
  • How to A_B Test Landing Pages in Unbounce (Get 25%-40%+ Conversion)
  • A_B Testing In Small Chunks (Incrementally Increase Your Conversion)

Module 7:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


Who This Course Is For

This course is for ANYONE who is looking to learn how to build landing pages for themselves or for their client’s.

This course will teach anyone (no matter what your current skill level is) how to successfully build high-converting landing pages from start to finish, in any niche

Not only will we teach you how to set these pages up, but we’ll actually give you landing pages that we currently have that produce conversion rates of over 20% in 5 separate niches. (Limo / Party Bus, Junk Removal, Plumbing, Auto Glass Repair & Commercial Cleaning)

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Name of Course: ​Landing Page Academy – Rob Andolina | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page:

Author’s Price: $197 | Our Price: $29

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