Market Detective

Market Detective is my original, five-step, graded system for doing market research on any freelance copywriting job.

Market Detective is a course on research. And while I show you how to turn your research into sales copy, and show you me doing it, it is NOT a ‘how-to-write-a-sales-page’ course.

This course is designed primarily for copywriters. Not for marketers, or business owners, or entrepreneurs. If you are one of these people, purchase at your own risk.

Once you finish ​”Market Detective” you will know with crystal clarity:

  • How to ONLY do the minimum research necessary on any job, while still writing good copy (so you aren’t spending 10 hours researching a webpage you’re earning $200 for)
  • WHICH tools to use for your research on any given job (and which you can safely ignore)
  • The EXACT questions to ask your client when starting the job (so you don’t look like an idiot later)
  • Step-by-step instructions for what to do when you “can’t find anything good online”

And, you’ll also discover …

  • EXACTLY when to stop your research!

Okay, a few more things you’ll know once you finish Market Detective…

  • How to know when you’ve found your market’s true, deepest pain (the one that makes them BUY)
  • How to avoid being ‘tricked’ by misleading feedback — and even judo-flip it into sales copy on the spot (I show a live video of how to do this exact thing)
  • When you DON’T have to call people to do research (and, IF you do actually need to — which is much rarer than you think — how to do it and what to say)

And … which is probably MOST exciting of all …

  • HOW to do every step of your research!

In short, you will have the confidence to turn in your copy on any freelance copywriting job KNOWING that it’s good — AND that the client will like it.

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Name of Course: Market Detective – Daniel Throssell | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $1500 | Our Price: $34.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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