Mastering Email Marketing

Mastering Email Marketing and SMS – This nearly 2-hour course covers everything an advertiser needs to know about email and SMS marketing in order to excel at customer retention through owned marketing channels.

This course will take you from a basic email and SMS marketer to an Elite specialist at customer retention.

The experts at Lunar Solar Group partnered with Foxwell Digital to cover email and SMS optimization, testing, flow automation, reporting (& baseline metrics), lead generation/sign-ups, and more. This course truly is your one-stop-shop for mastering email marketing and SMS.

You might already know to have welcome, abandoned cart, and post-purchase flows, but do you know how to optimize them? This course covers how the Lunar Solar team pulls reporting and implements various A/B tests to ensure every campaign and flow is taken to the next level.

Meet Lunar Solar Group

  • LSG is a digital growth consultancy focused on building and optimizing everything from e-commerce strategy, media buying, web development, and CRM.
  • LSG is one of Klaviyo’s Elite Partners. Elite is the highest status you can achieve and only 5 other agencies in the world have achieved this status.
  • LSG has been scaling client’s accounts since 2018 and never sacrificing quality. While producing best-in-class creative, LSG has been able to maintain healthy sending reputations, over 20% open rates, and 20%+ of monthly store revenue on 90%+ of their accounts month over month.

Topics Covered Inside Mastering Email Marketing and SMS


  • Optimizing your email marketing
  • How to pull data
  • A/B testing with email marketing
  • Email campaigns: Where to start, how to organize them, optimize them, and more
  • Analyzing email open rate
  • Analyzing click rate
  • Analyzing opt-out rate
  • Analyzing conversion rate
  • Email automation and flows
  • Email sign-up forms


  • Types of SMS marketing
  • SMS voice
  • Growing your SMS list
  • Getting started with SMS
  • Managing SMS responses
  • SMS optimization

Putting it all together

  • Subscription marketing in relation to email and SMS
  • Understanding all customer communication channels
  • Lists and segementing
  • Tech recommendations
  • Customer review integrations
  • Customer rewards integrations
  • Customer referral integrations

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Name of Course: Mastering Email Marketing and SMS – Andrew Foxwell | Release Date: 2021

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Author’s Price: $897 | Our Price: $55

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