NFT Fresh 2021 Video Replay

13 Market Moves Formula – Begin To Trade Fearlessly! Identity best days when to trade and when not to trade and enjoy life.

The Skills You will Acquire from NFT Fresh 2021 Video Replay

  • Skill #1: How to Match the Market Environment with Appropriate Trading Strategy.

You may be applying a great strategy to the wrong type of market environment and that could lead to disaster! Learn how to match the ever-changing market environment with the appropriate strategy!

  • Skill #2: When to be a Bull when markets are Falling!

If it was so simple as to buy stocks when they go higher everyone would be rich! The secret skill is to buy when stocks are falling!

But you don’t want to be catching what’s often known in stock market as “falling knife”, where stocks continue dropping again and again. This skill will allow to identify the “right” buying opportunities when stocks fall utilizing the 13 Market Moves Formula.

  • Skill #3: When to be a Bear when the markets are going higher!

Just because things keep going higher is not a reason to buy. This skill will allow to identify market tops and when to begin shorting stocks and profit from their drop while everyone is still blinded by their green screen action of stocks going higher! You will learn how to identify bearish reversals before they happen!

  • Skill #4:The Art of Winning Stock Market Wars!

Know when to strike when the odds are in your favor and when to retreat, re-group and re-evaluate when odds are against.

Understanding of when NOT to Trade is an incredible skills overlooked by most traders! If you could have avoided trading on all of your bad days where you took big loses, how valuable would the skill be to you that would have prevented you from trading on those days?!

So now by utilizing the 13 Market Moves Formula you will be able to be effective by trading only on days that have high probability of success. You will be able to avoid the days when probabilities are against you and as a result you will have more time to spend enjoying life with your family and on other things you love to do!

  • Skill #5: Skill of applying simple 13 Market Moves Formula in less than 10 minutes a day to identify today what the markets will do tomorrow!

Once you learn what the 13 Markets Move Formula is and how it works you will be able to apply it in less than 10 minutes a day!

That way you will be able to save a ton of time you typically would spend on hours of research that produces mediocre results at best. You will be able to focus on a few simple things that really matter for generating high profits when day trading and swing trading!

  • Skill #6:Skill of applying simple 13 Market Moves Formula using a simple calendar without having to buy any additional tools to identify high probability for highly profitable days!

No advance technological tools or extra software required. You can do it on a napkin if you wanted to! That’s how simple and practical 13 Market Moves Formula really is!

You will learn the market moves sequences and when and how to apply them. Once you understand how to do that no one will be able to take that skill away from you! No software or computer required besides your brokerage account to execute the trades!

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