The Millionaire Investor

The Millionaire Investor – The 12 module course to teach you everything you need to know about investing.

What if I told you that just being good at saving money isn’t enough to make you financially successful?

To really start winning with money, you need to start getting your money working harder than you do, by investing and multiplying those dollars! This course will teach you how to go from confused about what you should do with your moola to a Mega Money Babe with a bank account that never stops growing.

The Millionaire Investor covers:

  • Explanation of the power of compound interest
  • Where to find the money to invest
  • How to set real financial goals
  • Spreadsheets to walk you through a financial deep dive
  • Important financial calculations to assess where you’re currently at
  • Assessing your investor profile
  • Investing 101
  • Top investment strategies
  • How to create your portfolio
  • How to start investing in real estate
  • Nicole’s portfolio
  • The right investments for each life goal
  • The different types of investments available to you
  • What accounts to use
  • How to build an investment portfolio that is lower risk and less work
  • Plus MUCH more xx

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of investing in a safe, easy, fun way. Someone who has a good handle on the day-to-day of their money, who knows they need to do something with the savings sitting in their accounts, but aren’t sure what.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not for the experienced or seasoned investor, or someone looking to learn about day trading or crypto currency. The course provides education for the creation of long term wealth building strategies.

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Name of Course: Nicole Victoria – The Millionaire Investor | Release Date: 2021

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