Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0

Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0 – Learn an explosively profitable lifestyle business.


At Onyx we believe main factors holding most people back from making an income by trading the foreign exchange markets (Forex) is simply a combination of fear + lack of knowledge.

When you have the knowledge, you overcome the fear. From there, you can start to learn how to trade confidently, this is where you start yielding results.

Forget about living paycheck to paycheck.

Forget about working every day till you’re 65 (or even older).

Forget about never having enough money to do the things you want.

Learn a life-long skill, master the art of Trading the financial markets and build an income from your laptop or phone by executing a professional trading strategy.


We keep it simple with one flagship program, no hidden up-sells to access more information, we have one program to take you from being a beginner or struggling trader, to being a confident and profitable trader, all course upgrades and new content is free of charge once you are a member!


Get everything you need to succeed from the start. No up-sells, just one complete package to take you from no experience to expert all whilst following a roadmap with coaches to keep you accountable to your growth.

The Platinum Trading Accelerator turns complete beginners into knowledgeable traders in the shortest time possible by showing them the step-by-step framework for success, our strategy works off three pillars

1. Technical Edge – Using Technical Analysis to find high probability trades using a rule based approach, you want to know exactly what you want to see before executing a trade.

2. Risk Management – Most beginners truly don’t understand managing risk, conserving capital is the most important part of trading, we teach an in-depth but easy to follow risk management plan that maximises upside and limits downside.

3. Trading Plan & Trader Psychology – Simply the most important part to trading, we believe you need a plan of execution before trading, theory is one thing but we believe in the application of theory, we have templates to help you form your execution trading plan once you are comfortable with the theory and Technical side to Trading.

You will gain access to our full online e-learning platform with support and guidance from senior coaches and a community of like-minded traders who are all executing the same strategy.


Onyx Forex was created to help beginners navigate the financial markets with confidence, we found that there was too many complicated and theory driven education companies teaching strategies that didn’t work when it came to executing in the real markets.

Member success is our number one goal; we’re obsessed with helping you generate consistent results and becoming an independent trader of your own.


“I started my career as a high-end real estate agent in Sydney, Australia but soon worked out that it would take me 40 years before I could afford a house of my own’’

I wanted to travel, explore and LIVE; I knew I had to make a change.

That was when I noticed a colleague who would show up in fancy cars and sharp suits. It had nothing to do with real estate; it turned out he was a Forex day trader on the side of his job and doing great for himself.

This was the turning point that prompted me to spend four years rigidly finding my own strategy and creating a trading methodology that allowed me to stop working 9-5, buy property in central Sydney and be financially free.

Now, I’m sharing what I know with a growing community of motivated individuals from all across the globe who are consistently generating results and compounding their trading account all whilst living a lifestyle they enjoy.

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Name of Course: Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0 | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://www.onyxforextrading.com/

Author Price: $397 | Our Price: $20

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

Contact us via email [email protected] to pay with PayPal/Credit/Debit Card

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