Own The Inbox Challenge

Own The Inbox Challenge – Learn How To Write An Engaging, Memorable & High-Converting Email Marketing Campaign – In Just 5 Days

Own The Inbox Challenge – In this step-by-step email copywriting challenge, you’ll get your hands on Alex’s coveted Copy Posse Email Playbook: 12 fully-customizable and proven emails that create authority, build anticipation and turn signups into sales. Plus, you’ll discover the list monetization strategies that Alex has used to help dozens of businesses execute iconic campaigns and hundreds of freelance copywriters get high-paying clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Own The Inbox Challenge

  • Day 1: Email With Empathy

Thousands of out-of-touch brands still rely on soulless templates and one-size-fits-all email marketing to (try to) make sales and connect with their audiences. That’s a hard NO here at the Posse. In this session, you’ll learn the 3 biggest email marketing mistakes to avoid at all costs, how to identify your customer’s core values, drives and desires based on 12 proven personality archetypes and the secret to planning a highly-targeted and effective email marketing campaign that oozes with empathy.

  • Day 2: The Promotion Pyramid

Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and start writing emails, you must plan your perfect promotion. It’s not enough to know what you’re selling and to whom – as an email marketing strategist, you decide how. This is THE secret sauce that puts the most highly-paid copywriters on a level above the rest. On day 2, you’ll discover key conversion triggers, persuasion principles and objection killers PLUS the 3-step formula for turning signups into sales in a snap.

  • Day 3: Posse Email Playbook

On day 3 of the Challenge, you’ll learn the email marketing strategies that work today and get your hands on the coveted Posse Email Playbook: 12 fully-customizable email frameworks that I’ve used to run countless creative marketing campaigns and execute million-dollar launches for myself and my clients. You’ll learn the goal, hook and anatomy of each email, along with when to use them and why. Then you’ll design your very own sales campaign like the email marketing boss you are!

  • Day 4: Crafting The Campaign

This is where things get FUN. On day 4, you’ll learn how to strategically craft your customer’s buying experience by writing emails that validate their struggles, encourage their dreams, and empower them to take inspired action. You’ll learn the 4 types of open loops, secrets for improving email readability and flow and how to infuse your copy with conversational charm and personality so they know there’s an awesome human on the other side.

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone and another 24% also base it on the preview text? That’s right, it doesn’t matter how great your email is if no one’s going to read it.

On day 5, you’ll learn how to write killer subject lines that will get your emails opened faster than a text from your bff – PLUS best practices to avoid the spam folder, tips for optimized formatting and how to write click-worthy CTAs.

Who is Own The Inbox Challenge for?

  • You’re a wordsmith at heart who’s ready to leave your day job, start your copywriting side hustle and make real money with your writing skills.
  • You’re a new copywriter who wants to have a freshly-minted email campaign to include in your portfolio so you can get clients ASAP.
  • You’re already a freelance copywriter who wants to take your email marketing skills to the next level with proven fast-track guidance and support.
  • You’re a marketing consultant who wants to modernize your email copywriting knowledge so that you can rule your niche and charge premium rates for your services.
  • You’re a new founder, coach, or entrepreneur ready to engage, nurture and convert your email list into customers but don’t have the budget to pay a copywriter (yet!).
  • You’re a business owner who wants to write a high-converting email sequence in under a week so you can rock your next launch or promotional campaign.

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