Passive Affiliate Blueprint

Passive Affiliate Blueprint by Dr. Hemmel Amrania

About Dr. Hemmel Amrania

  • Awarded Royel Society prize for contribution to breast cancer research
  • Received Outstanding Research Award Imperial College
  • Great career but was previously 35 years old in 1 bed flat
  • Then in 2019 Hemmel learned digital marketing, started with traditional affiliate marketing and then slightly tweaked it from a random idea that he had on the train one day. This idea turned out to be completely life changing, as taught in his PAS.
  • Has run campaigns for Stella McCartney, Gennaro Contaldo & Jimmy Doherty
  • Managed over £2.5 Million in Ad Spend (Ie. £2.5M worth of advertising data to learn from and pass on to you in this course.
  • Top ranking UK affiliate for several brands
  • A genuine, humble person from a middle class background who happened to stumble upon a system that works and has decided to make the Passive Affiliate System as a way to share his findings with passionate entrepreneurs.

* Please note that this system is only available for a limited amount of time and for a limited number of people. Due to overwhelming demand, we highly recommend you purchase now to avoiding missing out.

Some of Dr. Hemmel Amrania’s Case Studies

  • Top ranked affiliate for Stella & Dot in Hemmel’s 1st Month – $3,358.82 commission earned in first month for minimal ad spend.
  • Top performing health company affiliate – £6,770 commission earned in one month
  • UK’s fastest growing affiliate and highest ranking affiliate a health supplements company, earning Over £1,000/month commission on average for the last 20 months with minimal ad spend and time needed to manage the campaign.
  • Turned £140 into £1,440 EVERY month for 18 months. Total £25,907.51 and growing.
  • Over $28,000 from single affiliate link in the software niche market.
  • Turned £17 into £450 in Just 7 days in the Men’s Cosmetic’s niche.

Passive Affiliate Blueprint by Dr. Hemmel Amrania

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Name of Course: Passive Affiliate Blueprint – Dr. Hemmel Amrania | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $995 | Our Price: $25

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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