Pay Per Show Agency Course

Pay Per Show Agency – The model I closed 177 new clients with (that you need to adopt TODAY)

Scale Your Agency to 7-Figures in 2021 by Switching to a BRAND NEW Pay-Per Show Model..

  • Substantially grow your take home profit each month by making WAY more money per client (so you can fire your headache clients…for good this time)
  • Gets your calendar filled FAST with qualified prospects begging to do business with you (because they’ll be flocking to the ‘best offer on the block’)
  • Avoid the embarrassment of ‘going out of business’…(The market has shifted — and your clients will be looking for any excuse to cancel…unless you make a change

What is an Anti-Agency?

  • Paid strictly off of performance
  • Flexible fee structures where clients can adjust lead flow according to their current budget
  • Uncapped monthly income per client
  • The world’s easiest sales process
  • Higher profit margins for clients that invest more into their ads
  • Only needs a few high paying clients to create a highly profitable business
  • Leverages the Pay Per Show Model

Here are 6 reasons why you should transition to Pay Per Show Agency:

#1 – You can get leads/booked calls from ads for dirt cheap, and fill your calendar at a fraction of the cost your competitors do

#2- Organic outreach becomes more effective, lowering your cost per acquisition

#3- You have the satisfaction (and financial benefits) of having THE BEST offer on the market

#4 – Your income-per-client becomes UNCAPPED as you’re now a true partner who shares in the profits

#5 – You’re more appealing to “Whale Clients” who can easily account for 80% of your profit (if set up correctly)

#6 – If the economy collapses, you’ll be much more likely to succeed (even through all the chaos and uncertainty)

This 3-Pronged system maximizes show-up rates and ensures that prospects actually show up.

#1 – DialogFlow

DialogFlow is Google’s new brainchild that enables you to have lifelike conversational AI with state-of-the-art virtual agents, right at your fingertips.

You don’t need to be a developer or have coding skills because that part has been mapped out A-Z so that anyone can follow the steps.

DialogFlow uses Artificial Intelligence to follow up with your clients’ leads 24/7….drastically increasing the percentage of leads that engage.

#2 – Call Center

With a custom-built call center, you can use very specific job-ads to attract dozens of callers, all they have to do is read from the scripts we give them.

The reason it’s crucial is that there’s still no substitute for that initial human contact…PLUS it’s how we’re able to confirm that the leads actually showed up to the clients’ appointment.

#3 – Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants fill in the rest of the gaps and loose ends.

Using this basic 3 Pronged System, you can dramatically increase your show up rates, putting more money in your clients pockets (and your own).

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