SEO Blueprint 2.0

SEO Blueprint 2.0 is all about helping you level-up your traffic, career and connections.

It’s your job to grow website traffic that actually converts into revenue, rather than just looking good in your analytics account.

There are no secrets about what search engines are looking for.

Your website should be fast.

Your content should be original.

It should be easy for search engine crawlers to understand what your website is about.

And among other things, you need links from other sites to act as a ‘vote’ that you’ve built a great resource (and know what you’re talking about).

Google’s algorithm can be a bit of a black box at times, but there are no surprises as to what they’re trying to show at the top of search results.

But there are original ways to build, acquire and diagnose those things.

Legitimate, whitehat link building angles that haven’t been written about dozens of times before.

Advanced keyword research tactics (that even beginners can follow, given the steps) to find terms your competitors aren’t targeting.

Unique approaches to find issues with your on-site SEO that may be holding you back.

And particular types of content that can get people talking and give search engine users the result they’re looking for…but you aren’t going to learn those things from a 21-point checklist on a blog.

Or a “content upgrade” that takes you to a Google Sheet.

Especially when different things should be prioritized based on the industry you’re in and the type of site you’re looking to grow.

Even worse is when you’re trying to piece together insights from lots of different sources to put together an overall strategy that makes sense.

That’s where we come in.

Introducing SEO Blueprint 2.0

This is not some boring “Here’s what a title tag is” training course.

SEO Blueprint 2 covers insights that we have never seen discussed anywhere else online.

We also include advice on how to know what applies to your specific situation, so you can get the most impact from your efforts.

With step-by-step videos, checklists, worksheets and a thriving community, you’ll have everything you need to rank.

What You’ll Find Inside SEO Blueprint 2

  • The keyphrase that helped me generate an additional $50,000 in just 12 months
  • The reverse-HARO method which uses the site HelpAReporter in a non-standard way to find great link partners
  • The site much better than HelpaReporter for picking up links (and with less competition)
  • How to find profitable keyphrases people are ranking “under the radar” using specific lists of online success stories
  • How I use Zapier to find the people most likely to link to something (works even with a free account)
  • A way to target the linkerati (the people who link out) on Facebook I’ve never seen anyone else talk about
  • What happened when I implemented “ghost page SEO” on one of my websites – with the actual rankings and traffic
  • How I find expired domains to purchase with great link profiles (I’ve acquired dozens with this method)
  • Our exact step-by-step checklist we follow when auditing some of the biggest sites on the planet
  • Four (!) unique methods I use to find ‘secret’ pages on any site which probably shouldn’t exist (and could be holding them back)
  • And much more…

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Name of Course: SEO Blueprint 2.0 – Glen Allsopp | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $597 | Our Price: $35

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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