Smart Business Systems

Smart Business Systems – Learn how to manage & scale operations across every department of your business.

In this training with the Smart Marketer leadership team, you will learn the same C-level strategies we used to hire, train and manage 150 employees & generate $185 million in revenue.

Avoid the growing pains of scaling a business: add systems that support (and accelerate) growth.HEY, I’M EZRA!

In the last 6 years, I’ve generated $185 million in revenue across 3 brands while running a team of over 150 employees.

But I didn’t start out that way. I started the same way you probably did — as a solopreneur.

I built my business out of a tiny NYC apartment where I performed every role in the company, from marketing to support to fulfillment.

But as the company grew and my team grew, I experienced some serious growing pains that held me back from reaching 8 figures:

  • Days could feel chaotic and stressful.
  • Projects were disorganized and never got done on time.
  • I had no idea how to handle the finances or the legal side of my business.

Smart Business Systems Curriculum

Over 6 modules and 32 videos, you’ll learn how to scale operations of any size — whether you’re starting as a solopreneur or you already run an 8-figure brand.

Each module mixes strategy sessions, candid interviews & tactical trainings with the Smart Marketer leadership team to give you a full C-level perspective on how we manage our businesses.

MODULE 1: Building Your Leadership Team

  • What Does a Visionary Look Like?
  • What Does a CEO Look Like?
  • What Does a COO Look Like?
  • What Does a CMO Look Like?

MODULE 2: Building Out Your Team

  • From Doer to Delegator
  • From One to Many: Building Your Team
  • The Three Types of Hires
  • Autonomy & Freedom
  • Onboarding Your Team
  • Managing Contractors
  • How to Offboard with Dignity

MODULE 3: Managing People

  • Presence is a Present
  • Getting Buy-in
  • Centralizing Your Communication
  • Having Hard Conversations
  • Setting Your Meeting Cadence
  • Building Remote Camaraderie

MODULE 4: Managing Marketing

  • Sell the Transformation
  • You NEED Marketing
  • Agency v. Contractor v. Team
  • Allocating Marketing Efforts
  • Managing Marketing Projects

MODULE 5: Managing The Customer Experience

  • ​Business Is About People
  • Building the Best Damn Product
  • Support as a Revenue Lever
  • Centralizing Business Assets
  • Customer Feedback as a Source of Truth

MODULE 6: Managing Scale

  • It All Comes Back to Constant Communication
  • Managing Your Money
  • Managing Your Vision
  • Setting Up Systems & Projects
  • Managing Your Projects
  • Managing Your Metrics

Meet Your Instructors

Ezra Firestone


Ezra has been recognized by Shopify and Entrepreneur Magazine as a leading marketing expert and a fresh voice in the entrepreneurial community. He’s founded multiple 7–9-figure brands that have generated over $185 million in revenue while sharing his personal and professional insights through

An outspoken proponent of people over profit, he leads a team of 150 employees while traveling the world educating business owners on how to build lifelong brands.

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