Steal My Ads

Steal My Ads – Steal 50 of the HOTTEST Client-Getting Ads…

Marketing ‘Thieves’ Hit Jackpot With Ads Booking HUNDREDS of Appointments

These Copy-and-Paste Ads are Filling Calendars with RED-HOT Prospects like CLOCKWORK…

50+ Winning Ads That Effortlessly Book HUNDREDS of Calls Per Month…

  • Swipe the World’s Most Powerful ‘Whale-Client-Getting’ Ads
  • Finally Press Publish From Your Ads Dashboard With CONFIDENCE Your Ads Will Convert Like CRAZY
  • A ‘Feels-Blackhat’ (yet super compliant) Way To Supercharge Your Marketing Practically Overnight
  • SECRET BONUS: Ad Thieves Get a Deep Discount (80% OFF) On The 2 Comma Club Funnel That 4.2X’d My Marketing Agency

We’re running these everyday for clients…can’t be that hard to GET clients from them, right?

Turns out marketing FOR local businesses is a lot different than marketing TO local businesses…

Burning through a couple grand with nothing to show for it made my blood boil…

So I started posting in every group I could find trying to decipher what was real and what wasn’t.

Frankly I was scared to test a whole lot because money was tight.

But we pushed forward with what little budget we had…

Testing things we ‘funnel hacked’

Spent the better part of an entire week doing the slides for a VSL that ends up flopping HARD.

I mean an extra $700 or so with no clients to show for it.

We did long ads, short ones, videos, lead magnets…


It wasn’t for almost a year that we realized what the true cause of failure was…

We’d spent the bulk of our time on funnels no one visited…

Making lead magnets nobody wanted…

Writing emails that never got opened…

I’m embarrassed to say as someone who makes a living selling marketing services…that I didn’t realize what the real issue here was all along

But when we found our winning ads, everything started to make a lot more sense…

Here’s What You Can Expect From Steal My Ads

  • Usually only available to our $10,000 paying clients… Now Limited Time $37 one time investment
  • Swipe the world’s most powerful Client Getting ADS (stolen directly from 12-months of red-hot client-getting ads)
  • And finally press PUBLISH from your ads dashboard with confidence your ads will convert like CRAZY
  • Do all this and you’ve got a feels-like-blackhat yet super compliant way to transform your marketing agency, almost overnight!

Steal My Ads – Joel Kaplan

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