The RMBC Method

The RMBC Method – It’s a four-step copywriting process I developed back in 2014 so I could pump out 12 sales letters per month.

RMBC stands for Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy.

The reason The RMBC Method is so important is because it provides a systematized, step-by-step approach to writing sales copy.

By doing Research, you understand you gain a strong understanding of your prospect, the language they use, their pain points, and what solutions they’ve tried in the past.

With the Mechanism, you’re able to explain to the prospect why they failed to get results in the past, and how they can succeed in the future.

With the Brief, you end up writing several pieces of the sales letter, but in bite-sized chunks.

And with Copy, you have a follow-along template for producing high-converting sales letters again-and-again.

Who Is ​The RMBC Method For?

For Freelance writers, using this system allows you to start charging dramatically higher rates. The reason why is that with RMBC, your copy becomes a lot stronger and converts at a higher clip. Clients are happy to pay for that.

For Business Owners, there are multiple reasons why you should want access to The RMBC Method. First of all, the better you understand killer sales copy, the more it benefits your business. Now you can evaluate the copy your team or contractors are writing, or you can confidently make tweaks to existing copy in your funnels. And if you have in-house copywriters on your team, training them on The RMBC Method will be one of the highest ROI Investments you make all year.

The RMBC Method was originally created to help me write long-form sales letters. But as you’ll see inside the program – this system applies to virtually every type of copy.

The reason why is because no matter what you’re selling, or how you’re selling it…

You first need to understand your prospects, their pain points, and the solutions they’ve tried in the past (Research).

You also need to be able to differentiate what you’re selling them today, from what they’ve used previously. And you need to do that in a way that’s wildly convincing (Mechanism).

Then you’ll need to answer several other questions in your marketing, including the background story on the product and how it was created (Brief).

Then finally it’ll come time to write the Copy.

It’s a training program that’s LOADED with over-the-shoulder videos where I am:

  • Breaking down each step of RMBC in a logical, easy to understand way…
  • Walking-you-through multiple examples, in multiple niches, for each step…
  • Then actually doing each step in “real time” for you – that way you can watch the entire RMBC process from start-to-finish.

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