The Cold Email Academy

The Cold Email Academy – The Sales System Used to Generate $1.2m In 18 Months.

What You’re Getting Inside The Cold Email Academy

62 detailed training videos about growing your business with the same method Elon Musk originally used to build Paypal. A method raved about by Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Hubspot, Entrepreneur Mag, Business Insider, Mixergy, Tim Ferriss, AppSumo, and More. Taught by, Mike Hardenbrook, who built into a $1.2 million-dollar business with no list & zero ad budget.


  • RAPID RESULTS WITH ALMOST NO COST: You’ll learn how to get your message in front of the people who can move the needle for YOU, using nothing more than an email address and free web tools. Imagine starting every workday with new sales and partnerships waiting in your inbox.
  • HARVEST A GOLDMINE OF FREE EMAIL LEADS: With your new cold email skills in hand, you’ll learn how to tap into the little known secret of getting thousands of free leads using LinkedIn, Slack, Angellist, Product Hunt, Twitter, and more. Why pay for leads, when the Internet is willing to give you them for free (if you know where and how to get them).
  • SET IT ON AUTO-PILOT: You could do all the work if you want, but Mike shows you how to automate 90% of the process. Turn just 30 – 45 minutes per day into thousands of dollars in new revenue, with no ad spend. Wake up, prep the machine, then come back later in the day to count the new revenue that came in.
  • CRAFT IRRESISTIBLE COLD EMAILS: Imagine your surprise when you see 50%-70% open rates. With Mike’s proven tactics you’ll craft emails that your prospects feel they must open and read. And discover powerful psychological tricks that make people THANK YOU for emailing them even when they are complete strangers. Dozens of examples inside of real life winning campaigns.
  • MAKE IT SCALE: You’ll quickly be wanting more sales when you see how effective Mike’s methods are. Instead of doing it by hand, Mike shows you how to go from free tools to a couple paid tools that will allow you to scale. Imagine going from a few sales a day to hundreds per day, and it’ll only cost you about as much as your cellphone — But definitely start with the free ones first. Oh and Mike also negotiated discounts on these paid tools, details inside the course.
  • NO WEBSITE? NO EMAIL LIST? NO JVs? NO PROBLEM! There’s no funnels to build, no secret form of writing you must master, and no designing anything. If you can send an email and accept money, you already have everything you need. You can start cold emailing people tonight and have meetings or sales by tomorrow, even if your product isn’t finished yet. There’s simply no other method of generating sales that’s cheaper, faster, or easier than cold emails.

Your Instructor

Mike is currently the Chief Strategist for, a marketplace for hiring marketers on-demand and CMO of GrowthHacker.TV.

He’s founded several successful startups (3 bootstrapped, 1 VC funded) and specializes in using email to grow B2B sales into the millions.

His work has been seen on Inc, Forbes, Techcrunch, NextWeb, & Entrepreneur.

He is also a mentor to accelerator programs at Dreamit Ventures, Baylor, and Univ. of Chicago

Name of Course: The Cold Email Academy – Mike Hardenbrook | Release Date: 2021

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Author Price: $499 | Our Price: $30

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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