The P.I.G. Method

The P.I.G. Method – How To Craft Punched In The Gut Copy And Cash-Sucking Stories That Have Them BEGGING To Buy From You!

If you want to get access to Chris’ secrets that have made over $800 MILLION IN SALES (and counting) AND get PERSONAL ACCESS and MENTORSHIP from Chris through the FB group in calls, YOU MUST act while there is still time.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’re going to get in The P.I.G. Method and how it’s going to change your business and change your life

What is The P.I.G Method?

The P.I.G. Method (which stands for “Punched In The Gut” is the copywriting and storytelling course folks have literally been BEGGING me to create for something like TEN FREAKING YEARS.

It’s the culmination of my 16 years as an “Elite” direct response copywriter in a FREAKISH number of niches and is where I reveal the deep and crazy secrets I’ve used to understand the market on a downright DISTURBING level which has allowed me to DOUBLE and in some cases QUADRUPLE the conversion on projects I work on… turning a lot of projects into COLD TRAFFIC MONSTERS… transforming “So So” offers into Clickbank Number ones and making a LOT of people HORRIFYINGLY RICH along the way (heck, it’s made me MILLIONS too. Which is great!)

The key to The P.I.G. Method is learning what I call “deep empathy” which allows you to CONNECT with your market deeper than any other copywriter or marketer out there, giving you a RIDICULOUS unfair advantage in the market.

What’s IN the P.I.G. Method?

The main P.I.G. Method training is broken down into TWO modules (or halves).

Module 1 is called “Mind Reading Your Market” and it’s where I open up my brain and teach you my entire step-by-step process for understanding your market on a truly PRIMAL level that goes WAY beyond the standard “create an avatar” kind of thing.

By the end of Module one you will have almost-psychic super powers when it comes to understanding your market and will see dramatic increases in conversions even if you never got to the 2nd half.

Module 2 is where I reveal The P.I.G. Method Action Beat Map and flat out GIVE YOU my complete storytelling and creating formula that I’ve used to crank out P.I.G. stories SHOCKINGLY quickly (and dramatically increasing conversions every time.)

In Module 2, I’ll teach you…

  • How to decide who the hero/narrator of your story is… why having the “product creator” as the hero is sometimes a RELALY bad idea and the EXACT 4 types of heroes you should use in a P.I.G. story and (and this is really valuable) EXACTLY what story you tell for each type of hero (messing this up and using the wrong hero for your product can literally destroy your sales.)
  • How to discover the VILLAINS of your story… the simple method that allows you to discover who your market feels OPPRESSED by… why everyone has a VICTIM MENTALITY and how to use that to make buying your product feel like an HONORABLE and NECESSARY thing to do in the fight against “EVIL” (seriously.)
  • A REALLY BIG ONE — Next I’ll teach you how to determine what the MOMENT OF CRISIS and P.I.G. Line that opens your story and hooks your reader should be.If I’m famous for anything in this business, it’s these PIG LINES that use deep emotional hooks to force your project to watch your video or read your letter
  • And much more…

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