Think Like A Strategy Consultant

Think Like A Strategy Consultant – Learn the frameworks, tools & communication secrets of top-tier strategy consultants

What Makes Former Consultants Stand Out In Their Careers?

It Starts With Simple, Powerful Frameworks

Pyramid Principle

A way to structure your thinking to make compelling & persuasive arguments


A method of organizing information that makes it easier for others to understand

PowerPoint Storytelling

Present data and tell a stories in a way that doesn’t put your audience to sleep

Think Like A Strategy Consultant Is Designed For

  • Knowledge Professionals who are in existing roles who working with data, are actively helping to shape the direction of their company, solving complex problems and giving executive-level presentations
  • Freelancers & Entrepreneurs who are looking to strengthen their work with a fundamental set of skills, frameworks and processes to help them generate insights, stories and plans for their clients as well as more clearly communicate to business audiences
  • Students who are passionate about using the consulting skills now and want to go deeper than case interviews to learn how to work as a consultant and not just land the job (note: if you just want to master case interviews to land a job, this is not the course for you)

At The End OF This Course You Will Be Able To:

  • Understand and communicate in the “language” of strategy consultants
  • Be able to understand the difference between the symptom and a problem
  • Understand how to take a large set of complex data, facts & analysis and synthesize it
  • Organize a presentation in a clear, simple & persuasive way that inspires action
  • Have increased confidence in your ability to lead and structure complex projects

Course Curriculum

  • Meet Paul & The Core Concepts!
  • Getting Started – Resources & Suggested Schedule For The Course
  • Week 1: Mindset & Consulting Process
  • Week 2: Synthesize & Structure
  • Week 3: Problem Solving
  • Week 4: Kick-Ass Presentations
  • Bonus Content

About Your Instructor

Paul Millerd is an experienced consultant with experience from McKinsey & Boston Consulting Group

He has worked in the consulting industry for over 10 years and is obsessed with breaking down the core concepts he learned in consulting and teaching them to others.

He has helped build consulting skills training programs at multiple clients and coaches an undergraduate consulting group at the University of Connecticut, where mentoring and training efforts have helped students get hired for analyst roles at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

At Boston Consulting Group, he was part of the faculty and helped develop content and lead trainings globally.

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