Ultimate Indicator Bundle

Ultimate Indicator Bundle – Discover how to get leading signals in any market or timeframe.

Get Sam’s new and improved “dynamic momentum” tools that let him turn $80k into $320k in only 12 months, for yearly gains of 300%. All traders need an indicator that works in trending and non-trending markets.

Until now, that wasn’t possible with traditional momentum tools. That’s why Sam spent years developing two simple tools that can instantly identify whether a chart is trending or non-trending at a glance.

This is a game-changer because now Sam always knows whether to take a trend or a range trade (or just stay out if there isn’t a strong signal).

Trading is like driving a car. How fast you drive depends on whether you’re on a curvy or straight road, right? It’s the same in the markets. When your trend indicators are aligned, it’s like the road is straight so you can drive faster.

However, when the market is choppy, it’s like a road with hairpin turns so you drive much more slowly.

That’s why the TrendOscillator Pro and the HiLo Pro Indicators work together to instantly tell you whether the road ahead is straight or winding.

Sam uses his “dynamic” momentum tools every day to identify the “best of the best” setups and pass on the rest. This creates back-to-back profit opportunities to “get in and cash out.”

Now, for the first time, new and seasoned traders alike can use Sam’s tools on any market or timeframe and adapt their trading style to the current trend conditions.

Here’s more of what you will get in this Ultimate Indicator Bundle

  • How to use the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro to instantly tell if a chart is trending
  • How to identify “perfect” trends at a glance using “pure” momentum
  • How to use TrendOscillator Pro divergence to anticipate trend changes on any chart
  • The breakthrough momentum indicator that LEADS trend changes
  • How to use the HiLo Pro indicator to trade “Smiles and Frowns”
  • How to use the HiLo Pro indicator arrows to time trades in 3 simple steps
  • Also included, these indicators are designed specifically to work together

Who is Sam?

Sam specializes in options, equities, and macro trading using short-term signals.

He started trading in 2007. He began his career by trading index futures and equities intraday and later branched out to options which are now his trading vehicle.

Sam’s strategy is top-down – the tide first, boats second.

A typical path Sam will take before entering a position is understanding the setup on the index such as S&P or Nasdaq first, then the sector, such as technology, second, and the stock third. This gives him an edge in trading as it shows the money flow from the broad market to stocks. Once he has a found a setup he looks for an entry using multiple timeframe analysis to ensure that the signals are aligned on the weekly, daily, and intraday charts. The strongest setups have clean alignment from the intraday to the weekly.

Sam uses two unique indicators, the Trend Oscillator and the HiLo Stochastic to determine the structure and momentum in a stock setup. Both provide important information about the momentum in a chart.

Sam is primarily a shorter term swing trader but as long as the setups and market momentum signal continue to be valid, he will hold the trade. He will also cut a trade if any of the underlying conditions change, take profits, and look for a re-entry when the clarity of the trade setup returns.

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