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YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue – Start sharing what you love on YouTube, and make money doing it!

YouTube is never an overnight success

YouTube is like your reputation: you earn it first, and then the reputation, or algorithm in the case of YouTube, works for you. I believe that you need to post at least once a week for a year to find your niche and gain your first subscribers. It isn’t about just posting new videos. It’s about working with analytics, experimenting and interacting with your first viewers. It’s a process of finding your inner voice.

After completing YouTube Channel, you will:

  • start a channel: choose a topic for your channel according to your interests and work on your channel art
  • publish the first few videos and optimize them for the YouTube algorithm
  • create a content plan for 10+ videos (this is about three months worth of content if you publish once a week)
  • choose necessary equipment depending on your budget and goals
  • get clear instructions on how to script your videos to increase watch time and audience retention
  • download my PDF instructions and checklists for a video editor and a channel manager to help you delegate things
  • understand how the algorithm works and what kinds of videos it promotes
  • learn to create evergreen videos that will generate views and income for years, even if you stop posting
  • learn to clickbait a little to speed up growth
  • find out how to monetize small channels
  • learn the legal aspects of working on YouTube

Who is YouTube Channel for?

  • Beginner YouTubers who are serious about startingYou understand that almost everything that happens in the world right now happens on social media to some extent. You were afraid to start because you were afraid of what other people would think, or you were just waiting because you wanted to have the perfect moment; but in the end, you realized you should have started earlier. And now you’re finally ready to start catching up with your goals.
  • Instagram influencersYou are tired of constantly investing in advertising, seeing how the number of followers only decreases after each post. You wish the content you created ‘lived’ longer than 24 hours. You want predictable organic growth and “evergreen” content — the kind of content you create once, but people watch it for years.
  • Experts and tutorsYou understand that you have accumulated knowledge in your field and want to share it with thousands of people. At the same time, you want your channel to become a source of customers for you. You understand that a YouTube channel is a great lead generator for your business and a source of ideas for developing your product
  • YouTubers who are stuckYou have a channel, there are several videos published there, but you abandoned it because the growth was slow and you didn’t know what to do. And now you don’t know whether to create a new channel or continue working on the old one. And you also want to start delegating things like editing. However, you think that a video editor will not be able to edit the way you do it.

YouTube Channel is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You expect a magic pill from me. You are looking for something like three topics that will bring you the first 1000 – 10,000 – 100,000 subscribers with a 100% guarantee. There is no such thing as a guarantee in the creative world. Magic pills don’t exist in real life. In real life, you need a combination of knowledge and hard work to achieve success. I will give you specific and practical knowledge, and a clear understanding of what to do next
  • You think success will come after 3-5 videos. This happens but in very rare cases (these cases usually get a lot of attention, so it seems that every channel takes off quickly. This is not the case. Sometimes a YouTuber starts and abandons several channels and then he/she finds the one that takes off)
  • You are not ready to start making videos for your channel during the course.

Proof Download

Name of Course: YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue – Marina Mogilko | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: https://marinamogilko.co/yt_channel

Author Price: $475 | Our Price: $24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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